High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Upcoming tracks of hit shows

Laado 2:
Kajal’s birthday is celebrated. Shaurya gets some kids in the party. He makes the party rocking. Kajal likes the kids’ company. Anushka likes Shaurya’s plan. She understands he is a good person with a sensitive heart. Shaurya then professes love to her and asks her to reciprocate. Anushka isn’t Juhi. She gets angry and gives him a tight slap. They get at loggerheads again.

Woh Apna Sa:
Ambika calls some Sadhvis home. Jia gives them an idol. Sadhvi blesses Jia and tells her that she can become a perfect bahu. Sadhvi tells Ambika that its a fake idol, how can they steal the gold idol. Ambika asks Jia to answer them. Jia tells Ambika that she had secured the idol knowing someone will try to steal it. Jia gets the gold idol and hands over to Sadhvi. Sadhvi says you have stopping the upcoming danger by your smartness, you will qualify in Ambika’s eyes. Jia wins the challenge. Ambika too blesses Jia and passes her in the test. Rano plays a trick again. Arjun throws out Jia from the house. Jia’s evidence against Rano fall flat. Ambika and Arjun trust Rano more than Jia. Rano wants to win the challenge and marry Arjun. Jia pleads to Arjun to trust her.


Suraj and Chakor return to Aazaadgunj along with Gauri. They inform the villagers about Gauri’s success as her talent is recognized and appreciated in Mumbai. Chakor gives the good news of Gauri’s job offer. Gauri wants to take up the work. The villagers get happy for Gauri and congratulate her. Kasturi blesses Gauri for her new endeavours. Everyone gets inspired because of Chakor and Gauri. Chagan gets drunk and argues with Gauri. He doesn’t want Gauri to avoid her household duties. He scolds Chakor for ruining his personal life.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil finds Vedika in pain. He gets the balm for her pain relief. He sees she has already gone asleep. He applies the balm to her feet. Vedika wakes up and scolds him for doing this without her permission. He tells her that he knows she is much tired and was just relieving her pain. She makes him get out of her room. Sahil feels bad when she misunderstands him.

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai:
Anita and Vibhuti have a filmi romance. Vibhuti acts like kids. Tiwari gets convinced that Vibhuti has become a kid. He feels tough to handle Vibhuti. Vibhuti feels sad that everyone is insulting him. He hears Anita and others talking bad about him because of his unemployment. He feels no one loves him. Due to increased anxiety, he gets multiple personality disorder. He starts many avatars and ends up trouble people more. He becomes a commissioner and meets Angoori. He tells her that he is Vibhuti’s uncle, he didn’t come to arrest anyone. He boasts of his accomplishments.


Meera slaps Vivaan. Vivaan and Meera have an argument. She gets angry on him after seeing the video. She throws away her Kaleerein. Sumer acts innocent. Meera and Vivaan know the video is edited and false. They deal with the shocking video. Meera pleads innocence. She tells the family that she is innocent. Sumer has deliberately done this to take revenge from Vivaan. Meera feels Vivaan has made the video to ruin her respect. She doubts on Vivaan. She doesn’t know how can Vivaan do this. Sumer and Silky tell Meera that Vivaan has planned this to ruin the marriage. She doesn’t know Sumer has planned this. Vivaan beats up Sumer and asks how dare he play such a video, where there is nothing between him and Meera.


Harak gets a heart attack. The family gets worried for him. Harak is doing this drama to stop Harman and Jasleen’s marriage. Harak is compelled to do this to hide Soumya’s kinner identity truth. Harak wants to save his family respect. He tries to show Soumya that he is hiding her identity truth. Preeto asks Jasleen not to marry Harman. Jasleen doesn’t listen to her and thinks only for Harman’s happiness. Baisakhi festival will be celebrated. The show will have a merger with Savitri Devi and Udaan.


Neil gives an icecream treat to kids. He enjoys spending time with the kids. He has a good bond with Mogli. He bonds with Samrat and others too. Neil wants to give happiness to kids. He comforts their stay in his house. Later, Avni finds Neil upset. She tries to end his annoyance. He talks out his grievances. He tells her that he hates her and doesn’t want to forgive her. She understands his hatred. She knows he loves her a lot and this hatred is just his anger, which will end soon. She regrets to break Neil’s heart. She explains him with love. He doesn’t let her come close. He gets drunk and loses to handle himself. He reprimands Avni. Avni wants to go back with the kids. Sunehri and entire family try to stop Avni.

Jiji Maa:

Rawat family gets captive by Naxals. They get at gunpoint. Uttara worries for her family. Commandos get informed by Suyash. They reach Rawat mansion and surround it to nab the Naxals. Falguni tries to explain the Naxals, but the things get out of control. She tells Naxals that they should surrender so that they can get justice. Uttara doesn’t stay calm and throws her anger on Naxals. She irritates the Naxals. They get angered. Falguni gets shot while saving a young Naxal from the Commandos’ strike. The family worries for her. They rush Falguni to the hospital. Falguni’s sacrifice brings a change in the Naxals. They decide to quit their crimes and surrender to police. Falguni faces a fatal situation, but survives. She gets praised for handling the matter well.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni is not able to manage the baby. She tells the family that she wants to leave the house. Parth explains Teni about her job. She asks Teni to stay back. Teni doesn’t like troubling children. She asks Shorvori to keep her baby, as she doesn’t want any trouble in her life, even if she is offered much money. Teni doesn’t remember that she has given birth to Shorvori’s baby. Teni hands over the baby to Shorvori. Parth then convinces Teni to continue her job.


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