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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira get a doubt over Suhana and her family. Naira tells him that she feels like the idol is really of their family. Kartik asks her to check it once, as its not wrong to free mind from suspicions. Naira checks the idol. Suwarna gets upset with Naira. Rahul tells Savita that he has changed the jeweler’s seal and now Naira can’t do anything. Naira asks Suwarna not to misunderstand her. Suwarna asks her to help her win Aryan’s son. She wants Aryan to forgive her.

    Naira promises to support Suwarna. Suwarna tells them that she can’t hurt Aryan’s heart again, she believes in his decision. Manish scolds Suwarna for emotionally blackmailing Naira for gaining her support. He tells her that she is doing another mistake to rectify first one.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Preeti and Rahul try to know from Minty about Seth ji. Minty shocks them and tells them that she has seen Seth ji, who is actually her Papa Indra. Preeti doesn’t believe Minty. She loves Indra a lot and knows he can never be Seth ji. Rahul explains Minty that Indra is dead. Preeti says Indra’s soul will be hurt if she links him with Seth ji. Namrata is on her search for Shivlings. She gets her anger out on people. Seth ji is after her life. He wants Namrata to find shivlings. Gauri finds Shambu and Rudra while being on the way to Kashi. She tells this to Thakur. They get down the bus and try to find Shambu. Thakur decides to meet Shambu.


    Avni reaches Kamini’s place to know about Saisha. Kamini has emotionally blackmailed KK and got him home. She insults Avni and Saisha. Neil takes a stand for Saisha. She tells Kamini that KK is equally at fault. Kamini tells them that KK doesn’t love Saisha, else he would have been with her. Neil demands KK to answer his mom. KK gets numb. Avni scolds them for being so insensitive. Avni tells them that she hates them for their dual faces. She feels KK is a loser in real life. She wants to find Saisha. Kamini asks Neil and Avni to get out from her house. Neil feels KK is really a bad person, who doesn’t know the meaning of trye love. Neil and Avni try to find Saisha, who is waiting for KK at the temple. KK breaks down and feels sorry.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita resumes her normal life back in Delhi. She attends her clinic. She gets Sonakshi’s lunch bag and gets terrified. She asks the assistant to take the bag away. Ruhi commands Raman to have lunch on time. She doesn’t want him to delay the lunch for a meeting. Raman likes to spend time with his children. Ishita finds out Sonakshi’s address. She decides to visit the house and know more about her. Raman gets a note from Ishita and gets surprised. He thinks to meet Ishita and have lunch with her. He calls at the clinic and learns about Ishita’s new problem. He wonders where can Ishita go. Aaliya gets upset thinking about Adi and Roshni. She tells Mihika about Roshni. She complains that Adi was bonding with Roshni so much, being much impressed with her.


    Shivay gets upset when he finds his elders at the mills. He believes they are really murderers of Mr. Kapoor. He tells them that he was proud of them before, but now he has witnessed their crime. He tells them that they have even burnt the mills and killed many people. The elders plead innocence. They tell Shivay that they didn’t kill Mr. Kapoor. Anika awaits Shivay and attacks with water. Omkara gets splashed. Rudra tells Omkara that Anika is awaiting Shivay, who went for a business meeting. Shakti and Tej try to clarify to Shivay. They tell Shivay that they didn’t say the truth before as they have no proof of their innocence. Pinky swears to Shivay that they are innocent. They fail to convince Shivay. Omkara and Rudra pull Anika’s leg by telling her about Shivay meeting some female client. Gauri and Bhavya also joke on Anika’s cute belief on Shivay. Omkara tells Anika that office is shut right now and Shivay lied to her. They wonder where did Shivay go.


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