Laado 2: Anushka and Shaurya get at loggerheads


Kajal’s birthday is celebrated. Shaurya gets some kids in the party. He makes the party rocking. Kajal likes the kids’ company. Anushka likes Shaurya’s plan. She understands he is a good person with a sensitive heart. Shaurya then professes love to her and asks her to reciprocate. Shaurya loves Juhi intensely. He tells Anushka that she will soon feel his love. Shaurya romances her. She tells him that she already told him not to cross limits, she isn’t Juhi whom he loved, why is he misbehaving. Shaurya too yells on her. He asks her why did she behave well in the party with him. He tells her that this is his love for her. She tells him that this is called abusing. Anushka rejects his love. Anushka isn’t Juhi. She gets angry and gives him a tight slap. They get at loggerheads again.

Later, Anushka falls in a problem. She gets chased by some goons. She runs away from the goons to save herself. She collides with Shaurya. She asks Shaurya to help her, some goons are following her. She asks him to drive the bike fast, why is he waiting. He sits relaxed and drinks coconut water. She asks why isn’t he listening, the goons may reach anytime. Goons reach them. Anushka tells the goons that Shaurya will beat them if he gets more angry. She warns them and asks them to leave. The goons laugh on Shaurya and doesn’t get scared. They catch Anushka and misbehave with her. When things get out of control, Shaurya beats the goons in a heroic style. He safely drops Anushka home. There will be a new negative entry in the show, who will be bringing big twists in Anushka’s life.


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