Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep to foil Aarohi’s plannings again


Aarohi provokes Vedika to reveal the truth infront of the media. Deep arrives late for the conference. Vedika sees Deep and recollects his truth. Deep blackmails her to shut her up. Roma is becoming a minister. The press conference gets a dramatic twist. Aarohi stays worried. She awaits Vedika to ruin the fun. Aarohi and Virat pose with Roma. Roma tries to show her good image. Roma is stepping in politics. She dreams to become a member of Rajya Sabha. She tells the media that she doesn’t like seeing anyone sad, she always tries to do justice with anyone, as she can never do injustice with people. She wants everyone to praise her and her children. She introduces Virat and praises him to be an honest and hard working police officer. She tells the media that Virat always makes sure that he does justice with the needy.

She is proud of Virat to have him as her son. Roma tells them that Tara is her daughter, who gives her a new reason to live. She gets inspired from her lovely daughter. She hugs her children. She tries hard to maintain her fake image and prestige in order to get the election ticket. She tells them that her children are her strength.

Roma gets worried seeing Vedika. Roma then brings a twist. She shares the story of helping Vedika. Vedika doesn’t reveal any truth. Roma gains good publicity and enjoys the fame. She tells Prithvi that the media has made her a star, all thanks to Deep. She shares her happiness with Deep. She asks Deep to read her appraisal in newspapers. Deep is loyal to her. She finds him worried and asks the matter. He tells her that someone is trying to malign her image. She asks him to knock off all her enemies. She asks Deep who is her enemy. Deep asks her not to worry, as he will handle the enemies. He says just good things suit you, don’t talk of killing people. She says good things weakens me, this is my dream to become a minister, I can’t leave my dreams, I can’t allow anyone ruin me. Deep assures her that he will not let anyone pose hurdles for her.


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