Ishqbaaz: Shivay decides to gift Anika her actual identity


Shivay reaches the address to know about the foreman. He finds the old house locked. He succeeds to unlock it and get in to find clues. The elders stay stressed about Shivay. Anika asks Pinky about Shivay. She worries for Shivay who didn’t return home till now. Pinky asks Anika not to worry, Shivay is engaged in work. She knows Shivay will find the real murderer of Mr. Kapoor. She is pretty sure that Shivay understands the difference between truth and lies, and he will never go against them. She wants Shivay to reach to the matter of the truth, so that they can also find out the entire truth. Shivay gets to see Anika and her sister’s childhood picture with Harshvardhan. He realizes Anika is Harshvardhan’s daughter.

He finds out Anika’s connection with the mills incident. He recollects Shwetlana’s warning against him and Anika’s bond. He meets Tia to confirm the matter. He asks Tia about Anika’s dad. Tia admits that Anika’s dad was the foreman of the mills. Tia apologizes to him. She tells him that she has hidden this only to save his relationship with Anika. She tells Shivay that she is his well wisher and just wanted things to be fine in his life.

Shivay gets glad to find Anika’s family. He wants to surprise Anika by telling her about her real roots. He tells Tia that he will tell Anika about her family. He then decides to hide partial truth, so that Anika doesn’t feel guilty over her dad’s crime. He doesn’t let the truth affect their lovely relation. On coming home, he receives much love and care from Anika. She scolds him for running away at night and giving her a big reason to worry. He hugs her and calms her anger. He hides the truth from her. He feels sorry to conceal the matter. He falls in dilemma that Anika may sink in sorrow over her dad’s crime. Shivay meets Omkara and Rudra, and tells them that Anika is actually the mills foreman’s daughter. He tells them that the crime isn’t proved yet, the foreman was just accused in the fire incident, but if he tells Anika about the truth, she may take it wrong and shatter. He doesn’t want Anika to hate herself and her identity if her dad’s crime gets proved.

Omkara advises him to find the entire truth and then reveal it to Anika. They understand the pain which Anika would go through. Shivay feels sorrowful to hide the truth, as Anika always yearned to know her family. He decides to share a bit of truth with Anika. He knows Anika needs her family. He tells Omkara that Anika has a right to know about her background, blood and lineage. He doesn’t want her to be away from her identity. He tells his brothers that he won’t tell the bad past linked to her dad’s name. He believes in Anika’s dad and wants Anika to remember her dad with pride. Omkara and Rudra stand by his side. Shivay takes their help to know more about Anika’s family. Shivay decides to surprise her. He takes her to her dad’s house and tells her that this is her birthplace, her roots, where she belongs. He gifts Anika her family, name and memories, that’s preserved in the house since years. Anika gets happy seeing Shivay’s surprise. She breaks down emotionally when he tells her that her dad has left the world.



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