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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Naamkarann: Avni feels ashamed of Saisha’s deed. She can’t believe how Saisha failed her upbringing. She decides to support Saisha and show her the right path. She goes to meet Saisha. Saisha apologizes to Avni for her immaturity. Avni tells Saisha that she has forgiven her and she will never leave her. She finds a solution for Saisha. Avni tells her decision to Shweta. She doesn’t care for the society and thinks of keeping the baby by convincing Saisha. Saisha too doesn’t want to raise the child alone. Avni wants Saisha to accept the responsibility and face the world. Shweta tells Avni that Saisha isn’t as strong as her, it won’t be easy for Saisha to raise an illegitimate child. Shweta suggests Avni that Saisha should abort the baby to end the problem. Avni gets a shock, and realizes Shweta isn’t wrong. She wants Saisha to decide for her life.


    Shivay reaches the address to know about the foreman. He finds the old house locked. He succeeds to unlock it and get in to find clues. The elders stay stressed about Shivay. Anika asks Pinky about Shivay. She worries for Shivay who didn’t return home till now. Pinky asks Anika not to worry, Shivay is engaged in work. She knows Shivay will find the real murderer of Mr. Kapoor. She is pretty sure that Shivay understands the difference between truth and lies, and he will never go against them. She wants Shivay to reach to the matter of the truth, so that they can also find out the entire truth. Shivay gets to see Anika and her sister’s childhood picture with Harshvardhan. He realizes Anika is Harshvardhan’s daughter.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita learns the taxi driver died two years ago. She recognizes the man. She tells the girl that she has travelled in his taxi few days back. Sonakshi tells her that her brother is dead. Ishita can’t believe her. She tells Sonakshi that she remembers this well. Ishita gets disturbed when Sonakshi’s mum curses her. Raman worries for Ishita. She comes home in an upset mood and finds him tensed. She apologizes to him. She tells Raman about Sonakshi’s tiffin reaching her office. She tells that she has seen the dead taxi driver. Raman asks her not to worry. He consoles her. He tells her that he will face all the problems before her.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira don’t doubt on Suhana, as they don’t want to hurt Suwarna. They have a moment. Suhana gets happy that Naira fell in her trap. Kirti feels uneasy by the heavy jewelry. Naksh tells her that she is more important than anything else. He relieves her of the jewelry and wants her comfort level to be high. Aryan gets glad to welcome his friends and introduce his family to them. Savita steals Kirti’s bangle while talking to her. Suhana makes Kirti wear the bangle back. She asks Savita not to steal anything, as this can make them caught up. Kartik clicks Naira’s pictures and posts on her academy website. Someone else too clicks her pictures, getting smitten by her beauty.


    Leela throws a challenge for Susheel. She gets angered with Sarthi fails her in the challenge. Susheel succeeds to show her strength, while Leela gets hurt in the act. Sarthi tells Leela that she is shaping Susheel’s life now. She wants Leela to pay for her deeds. Leela insults Susheel. Sarthi takes a stand for Susheel and tells Leela that Susheel is number one in her eyes. Susheel gets happy when Sarthi respects her. Satya stays annoyed with Soumya. Sejal surprises Susheel. She tells Susheel that she knows Sarthi already. She tells Sarthi that she is Susheel’s best friend. Sarthi praises Susheel’s hardwork. She asks Susheel to have an off today. Susheel and Sejal talk about Kali’s birthday. Soumya hurts herself to apologize to Satya. She asks him to forgive her. He asks her not to get mad again. She thanks him for forgiving her.

    Susheel gets in trouble when some goons attack on Sarthi’s house. They get on insulting the women. Susheel fights with the goons. Leela witnesses this and gets surprised seeing her strength. Susheel teaches a good lesson to the goons single handedly. Sejal also gets the video of Susheel’s action. She shares the video with Vishu. They get proud of Susheel. Leela gets angry that her plan flopped. She wanted to trouble Fighter Didi and the women residing at her place. Susheel wins the trust of the women after fighting for them. Sarthi tells Susheel that all the women know fighting, but she wanted to see her calibre too. Sarthi gives a good news to Susheel. She tells Susheel that her talents are seen by everyone and now Susheel will be competing in wrestling championship. She begins training Susheel.

    Sejal and Susheel plan Kali’s birthday at the clinic and do the beautiful arrangements to surprise Kali. Satya makes a plan for Soumya to cheer her up. Susheel goes to invite Satya for attending Kali’s birthday. She asks Satya to come for Kali’s sake. Satya gets in dilemma. Kali gets a lovely surprise by family and misses Satya.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Rudra saves the little boy from Seth ji, who gets adamant to kill the people who has seen his face. Rudra does a deal and tells Seth ji/Indra that he will hand over the Shivlings to him. He saves all the innocent devotees from Seth ji’s anger. Namrata asks Indra to leave her Rahul when he has got the Shivlings. Shambu Baba gets the Shivlings to hand over to Seth ji. Indra asks Shambu and Rudra to come along with him. He doesn’t let them go. Gauri feels she has seen Seth ji before. Lakhan also feels he is familiar. Latika tells Gauri that the Shivlings have gone in reverse direction. Gauri is sure that Lord will take the Shivlings to Kashi for purification.



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