Woh Apna Sa: Rano to accuse Akash for defeating Jia


Rano plans a huge drama. She falls off the stairs deliberately and complains to Akash that her foot got twisted. Akash helps her and lifts her to take her to the sofa. He drops her and goes. Rano then creates a scene and traps Akash. Rano tries to charm Akash. Akash slaps her seeing her true side. Akash can’t believe she is so cheap. Rano threatens Akash and scolds him when she sees Arjun coming. She asks Akash to leave her, else she will beat him. Akash pushes her away and calls her mad. She does a big drama and accuses Akash.

She crosses the limits to fail Jia in the challenge. Arjun reaches there and gets a big shock when Rano accuses Akash for molestation. Arjun beats up Akash. Akash tells him that Rano is at fault.

Arjun doesn’t believe him. He melts down seeing her tears. He asks Akash to leave the house. Ambika asks Arjun to fill sindoor in Rano’s hairline and make her his wife, so that no one badly eyes her. Arjun agrees to protect Rano. He fills her hairline. Jia gets upset as she loses to Rano’s ploy. Jia leaves the house after Arjun completes the sindoor ritual. Rano’s master plan ends the competition and makes herself the clear winner. Akash also leaves the house.


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