Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to disbelief weird occurrences


Ishita learns the taxi driver died two years ago. She recognizes the man. She tells the girl that she has travelled in his taxi few days back. Sonakshi tells her that her brother is dead. Ishita can’t believe her. She tells Sonakshi that she remembers this well. Ishita gets disturbed when Sonakshi’s mum curses her. Raman worries for Ishita. She comes home in an upset mood and finds him tensed. She apologizes to him. She tells Raman about Sonakshi’s tiffin reaching her office. She tells that she has seen the dead taxi driver. Raman asks her not to worry. He consoles her. He tells her that he will face all the problems before her.

Parmeet and Simmi try to find out who is Ishita’s new enemy, so that they can reap benefits from their enmity. Simmi wants Ishita to get punished severely. Parmeet fuels her anger. He has lost Ananya, but uses her loss in his favor. He wants to ruin the Bhallas. Ruhi witnesses them plotting against Ishita.

Ishita and Raman discuss about Adi and Aaliya’s cropping problems. She tells him how Adi’s friendship with Roshni is troubling Aaliya. She understands Aaliya is insecure. Raman recollects about Kiran and his friendship which made Ishita jealous. Ishita gets happy that Raman is recollecting the past. She tells him that Adi and Aaliya’s relationship should get fine. Romi checks Simmi’s room. He confronts her for coming to his room to spy on them. He knows she is again getting after someone’s life. Simmi defends herself. She cries for Ananya’s loss. Adi is unhappy that Aaliya is joining office. She asks him why does he have a problem if he liked Roshni’s independent life. Adi scolds her for showing him down.

Ishita finds them arguing. Aaliya complains to Ishita about Adi’s attraction towards Roshni. Ishita worries for their relation. Aaliya accepts that she is jealous of Adi and Roshni’s bond. She clears that she wants to work for her passion. Ishita asks Adi to give time to Aaliya. She makes them patch up. Ishita decides to quit the job. Raman wants Ishita to have her own clinic. Everyone wants Ishita to continue her work, than retiring from work. Ishita tells Raman that she has many plans to enjoy her life. She asks Raman not to worry for her. She plans a day out with her mum. Bhavna warns Mihika about Sonakshi’s spirit, who has come back to ruin Ishita. Ishita falls in new troubles.


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