High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Upcoming tracks of hit shows

Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun comes home in drunken state. He is much upset and misses Jia. He stumbles. Rano gets happy that he is not in senses and assumes her to be Jia. She handles Arjun and tries to woo him. Rano gets a good chance to win Arjun. Akash is also upset after his fight with Arjun. He tells Binny about Rano’s cheap act to frame him. Binny supports him. She shows her belief in him. Akash and Binny have a romantic moment. Jia calls Akash for seeking help.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

After Naira’s accidental fall, Suhana’s plan succeeds. She manages to steal the costly ring. She also chooses another diamond ring as per her plans. Suhana tells her mum that they have managed to win two rings by their smartness. They want to dupe Goenkas for money. Suhana is fooling Aryan in love. She looks forward to get engaged to Aryan. He has no idea that she is the con bride. Suhana’s motives are hidden from the family. Suwarna blesses Aryan and Suhana. Kartik and Naira find Suhana’s last target in the hospital.


Avni learns Kamini has bought Aisha’s house. She was staying in Neil’s house till now. She sees Neil’s annoyance being the same. She hears Neil’s conversation. She gets heartbroken when he expresses his hatred for her. She decides to leave Neil’s house as soon as possible. She goes to find a house for herself and kids. She falls in trouble when she meets the brokers. She asks them to show the property which she wants to take on rent. The broker tries to misbehave with her. He tells her that he lied about the house only to get her far from Neil’s house. Avni warns them to be away. She gets into a fight with them. She beats the men and runs out of the house. Neil senses Avni is in trouble. Neil will reach to save her once again.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni gets buried inside the ground. She hears Suyash and tries hard to struggle out. She pops her hand out of the coffin. Suyash sees her hand and runs to rescue her. He pacifies Falguni and tells her that he is with her, no one can harm her. She tells him that some goons kidnapped her and buried her in the coffin. Suyash’s true love saves her. Falguni sheds tears as she was losing her life, and leaving far from Suyash and Niyati. She tells him that she loves him a lot and wants to live her life with him. Suyash too wishes to live with her. Suyash wants to find out who is plotting to kill Falguni. Suyash promises her that he will find the culprit and punish him. Suyash and Falguni come more closer after this deadly incident.


Imli takes an old woman’s disguise and meets the village’s savior Chakor. Imli takes a job in haveli by telling Chakor her sobbing story. Suraj and Chakor hire Imli as a helping aid for managing Saanvi. Imli has a motive to kidnap Saanvi and separate her from Chakor. She wants to give equal pain to Suraj and Chakor. She has one agenda, that’s to make Saanvi her bandhua/slave. Chakor feels something is fishy. She tries to see Imli’s face. Imli hides her face from Chakor and holds a pallu/saree cloth to avoid Chakor’s sight. Imli takes away Chakor from her and tells her that she will manage the baby well. She boasts of her experience in managing kids.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil wanted Vedika to earn money by tuition. He knew she is jobless and would need money to balance her expenses. Nidhi fails his plans by tagging Vedika characterless. Nidhi sends a man to tease Vedika and then put the blame on Vedika. Vedika defends herself. The people gather there. The man accuses Vedika. The people vent out anger on Vedika. The man defames Vedika and tells Sahil that Vedika was getting after him. The man’s wife scolds Vedika for breaking her marriage. The man goes to the extent of slapping Vedika. Sahil intervenes and stops the man. He beats the man red and blue.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya and Ratan light a lamp together. They make a prayer. Ratan’s event is facing troubles. He feels maybe his event won’t be possible. Diya asks him not to lose hope. She lights a diya of their hope. She encourages with her belief. Ratan wishes all their problems end soon. Diya meets the investors to answer them. She tells them that she is trying hard to rectify the wrong. She says they have worked with the family for years but still their thinking is so confined. She asks them to be confident of Ratan’s event management. She takes a stand for Ratan.


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