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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Naamkarann: KK stops Saisha’s abortion. He promises Saisha that he will marry her and take the responsibility of their child. He doesn’t want her to abort their child. Doctor tells Saisha that Avni just got her for normal checkup. Avni tells them that she just wanted them to realize their mistakes and rectify. She asks them to take care of their child. Saisha promises to become responsible. Avni asks KK to stick to his decisions now. KK doesn’t want to leave Saisha’s hand ever. He shares his miseries with them. He tells them that Kamini had been making him away from Saisha. He apologizes to Saisha and Avni.


    Susheel surprises Kali on her birthday. They all celebrate Kali’s birthday with much love and wishes. Kali misses Satya. She tells Susheel that she wants to be known as Susheel’s mum now. Sarthi too attends the party and wishes Kali. Kali asks Susheel to turn her weaknesses into strengths. She wishes Susheel to always stay happy. Susheel surprises Kali and Sejal by telling them about the national level wrestling championship selection. She tells them that she is much nervous being an amateur.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira meet Brijesh in the hospital. They get in big dilemma. Savita wants Suhana’s engagement to happen soon. Manish opposes this and asks them to wait till Kartik and Naira come. Suhana provokes Aryan against Kartik, as Manish loves him more. Kartik and Naira decide to meet Suhana and question her about Brijesh. She tells him that they should find the truth soon, as this can get worse for Aryan. Manish calls them home soon as Savita is pressurizing them. Savita starts creating a scene in between Goenkas. She asks the family to explain Kartik and Naira later. Aryan too wants the engagement to happen soon. Suhana and Rahul get glad that their plan is going on well. Aryan and Suhana head on to exchange the rings.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya leave for office. Ruhi gives her best wishes to Aaliya, while Adi stays unhappy with the new developments. Ishita and her family women have a day out and enjoy their holiday. Shagun calls up Mihika for a meet. Mihika and Shagun visit the mental ward to meet the patients during the NGO work. Mihika gets a huge shock on meeting Bhavna there. She asks Bhavna what happened to her, why is she here. Bhavna warns Mihika to save Ishita from Sonakshi’s evil spirit. She asks Mihika to save Ishita and her family. Shagun rescues Mihika from Bhavna. Mihika wonders what happened to Bhavna. She doesn’t share the matter with Shagun.


    Shivay gets Anika to her father’s house. She gets to know her real roots, where she belongs and where she got raised. She finds her lost memories in the house. She gets to see her dad and learns about her family. Shivay tells Anika that this is her house. She tells him about her younger sister. Shivay consoles her. He shows her the corners of the house. She gets a good surprise on learning the beautiful truth. She tells him that she had named all the things in the house. She then gets flashes of her past and recollects the incidents. She gets hopeful that Shivay has found her dad as well. She asks him to tell her about her dad. She gets a wish to meet her dad. Shivay then breaks the shattering truth of her dad’s heart. She shatters knowing this.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Preeti and Rahul don’t want to believe that Seth ji is Indra. Rahul tells Preeti that he wasn’t present there at Indra’s final rites time. Preeti tells him that she has done the rituals single-handedly. She asks Rahul not to ruin his brother’s respect. Rahul can’t believe that Indra is Seth ji. He thinks of the huge risks and dangers he invited to take revenge for Indra’s murders. He tells Preeti that he doesn’t want to stain Indra’s name, but he will be the most happy person if Indra is innocent. He gets suspicious and wants to clear all the bothering doubts.

    Namrata regrets her mistakes after losing Rahul. She sheds tears. Yashpal tries to find Shambu and Rudra, who hides from him and take the Shivlings ahead. They take shelter from some noble man, who doesn’t have enough living needs at home. Preeti tries to talk to Seth ji and engage him in talk, till Rahul knows about his truth.

    Jiji Maa:

    Suyash learns about the Naxals at home. He tells the family that he didn’t know about this problem. Falguni asks him to cooperate with the Naxals. Suyash tries to message his friend about the Naxals. Falguni treats the Naxals well. Her good side connects with them. Niyati and Falguni try to keep the family calm. They wish the Naxals free them soon and don’t await Tyagi. Uttara gets relieved that Tyagi and her dealing truth didn’t come out in front of the Naxals. Falguni prepares food for Naxals.

    Uttara tries to convey to Mangla that they are in danger. Mangla doesn’t understand her and gets an entry home. She also falls in the same problem as Shom. Uttara manages to send her out. Shom scolds Mangla. Uttara acts clever to make a note and hand over to Mangla so that they can take help. She wishes Mangla knows the danger and helps them out. Shom worries for Mangla’s stupidity. He sends Mangla from Rawat mansion. Falguni gets Zeenat’s call and tries to avoid her. Zeenat wants to tells everyone about Uttara’s tortures on her. Falguni doesn’t let anyone hear the conversation. Suyash tries to fight with Mangal. He gets hurt in the fight. Falguni worries for Suyash.


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