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Shakti: Harman is much angry on Soumya and Preeto. Soumya gets emotional on seeing Harman. He questions her for coming home at night. He scolds her out of his worry. She gets glad seeing his concern. Preeto tells him that she had sent Soumya with the driver to get the haldi for his haldi ritual. Harman asks Preeto how could she send Soumya with the driver, if she really cares for her. He asks Soumya why did she go at night, even if the pandit told them to grind haldi before morning, they should have not done this.


Kartik and Naira try to find Suhana’s secret so that they can have evidence against her to show to Aryan. They follow Suhana and reach her house. Suhana sees them coming. She alerts Savita and Rahul about Kaira. They get into their rich avatars and fool Kaira. Suhana is very clever to trick them. Suhana makes a fake story when some goons come to recover the loans. Suhana tells them that the goons are troubling them a lot. Kartik asks Suhana to stay with them in Goenka house. Kartik tells Naira that they can keep an eye on Suhana if she is with them in their house.

Laado 2:

Shaurya faints down while saving Anushka from the goons. Anushka is worried for him. She takes Shaurya to the hospital. She tells doctor that she doesn’t know much about Shaurya. Doctor treats Shaurya’s wounds. She feels strange that Shaurya had much bleeding from the wound. She tells doctor that Shaurya had beaten the goons, he didn’t get much hurt because of them, how can this wound get so deep. Doctor tells her that the wound is old, maybe he had a fight few days back. Anushka and Shaurya have a moment. They start arguing in front of the doctor.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:

Ira challenges Aditya for competing with Akhilesh. Aditya and Akhilesh have a fight to show who is the best. Aditya gets an advantage because of Vikram’s evil. Vikram plans to fool Akhilesh for a medical procedure and rob his kidney. Vikram gives some drugs to Akhilesh to rush him to his hospital to win his confidence. Akhilesh loses out while being in the middle of the fight. Akhilesh faints down, much to Ira’s shock. Ira encourages Akhilesh to get up and fight back for keeping the respect of his principles and family.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya, Ratan and Yash manage a big responsibility. Ratan and Diya take the jewelry from the locker. Ratan tells Yash that they have done this to protect the jewelry and find the culprit. They keep the jewelry in their room. Ratan has to protect his family’s prestige. Ratan asks Diya what’s the next plan. Diya tells Ratan that they will hide the real jewelry and keep the fake one there, so that police can get a clue and find the culprit for the theft. Diya and Ratan have an argument. Ratan doesn’t want the jewelry to be sent to Rampur. Diya tells him that its very important to shift the jewelry. He then agrees to take the bag safely. Diya doesn’t count on him, as he is immature. She tells him that she will go, as its a big thing. Ratan tells her that he can’t let her go, as its late night hours.


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