Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa attempts to disclose Suhana’s truth

Yrkkh, Naira meets Kartik and tells him about pregnancy of Mansi

After Naira’s accidental fall, Suhana’s plan succeeds. She manages to steal the costly ring. She also chooses another diamond ring as per her plans. Suhana tells her mum that they have managed to win two rings by their smartness. They want to dupe Goenkas for money. Suhana is fooling Aryan in love. She looks forward to get engaged to Aryan. He has no idea that she is the con bride. Suhana’s motives are hidden from the family. Suwarna blesses Aryan and Suhana. Kartik and Naira find Suhana’s last target in the hospital.

They learn Suhana is the con bride, who is fooling Aryan for money. Kartik and Naira take the entire matter in their hands. They come home to stop the engagement and save Aryan’s life from destruction. Suhana and Rahul try to lie more and prove Suhana’s ex-husband mad. Kaira fails to expose Suhana in the engagement. Kartik and Naira try to find Suhana’s secret so that they can have evidence against her to show to Aryan. They follow Suhana and reach her house.

Suhana sees them coming. She alerts Savita and Rahul about Kaira. They get into their rich avatars and fool Kaira. Suhana is very clever to trick them. Suhana makes a fake story when some goons come to recover the loans. Suhana tells them that the goons are troubling them a lot. Kartik asks Suhana to stay with them in Goenka house. Kartik tells Naira that they can keep an eye on Suhana if she is with them in their house. Naira agrees with him. Suhana packs her bags to stay in Goenka house. She gets excited to enjoy the luxuries. Kartik and Naira allow her so that she doesn’t fool Aryan further. They want to expose her truth soon. Suhana’s tale will soon come to an end.


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