Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Laado 2:
Shagun and Amrish want Anushka to sign on the property papers as Juhi, so that they can get everything to them. Anushka doesn’t want Juhi’s property to go in wrong hands. She has always been refusing to sign the property papers by making some excuse. Dadi and Shagun find Anushka’s injured hand and ask her if she is fine. Anushka tells Shagun that she can’t write or do any work by her right hand for few days. She lies to Shagun so that she can fail her bad intentions. Anushka protects Dadi and Kajal from Shagun and Amrish’s motives. Shagun doesn’t realize that Anushka is mocking an injury. Anushka has another plan to confront Shagun and Amrish for manipulating her and failing their plans.


Soumya never imagined that she will let Harman marry someone else. She keeps her promise to give him all the happiness he deserves. She wants to do everything she can for the sake of Harman’s love. Soumya makes Harman ready as the groom. She takes him to the altar, decorated by her. The show will have a integrated episode on 20th April. All the leads cast from Colors’ hit shows will be seen forming a circle to protect Harman and Soumya’s lovely relation.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori and Parth get upset over Teni’s leaving from their lives. Shorvori makes Parth swear on their daughter and asks him about his feelings for Teni. She knows Parth loves Teni now. Parth accepts that he really loves Teni. The bitter truth shocks Shorvori. He is also confused over his feelings. Shorvori clears his dilemma. She asks him not to suppress his feelings and go in search for Teni. She doesn’t want Parth to give up his love. She asks Parth to find Teni and win her heart. Shorvori leaves her love and rights on Parth. They have an emotional conversation.

Karan offers a job to Chakor in his office. Chakor turns down the offer and asks Karan to hire Suraj. Suraj doesn’t want to work with Karan, but agrees for Chakor’s sake. Suraj takes the job. Chakor thanks Suraj for being so supportive and hugs him. Imli hides and spies on them. She plans to break Suraj and Chakor by using Karan.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep realizes Aarohi’s secrets. He learns that Aarohi has been cheating him as Tara. He wants to settle the scores with Aarohi. He realizes how Aarohi has attacked the family by using their weaknesses. Deep has a big task to prove Aarohi’s truth to the family. He doesn’t lose in the game. He wants to show his smartness to Aarohi. Deep gets back in form to frame Aarohi in the crimes and also get her punished. Deep wants to play the game openly with Aarohi now. Deep aims to fill darkness in her life. Deep and Aarohi’s open war will soon begin.


  1. Dil Se Dil Tak is ridiculous. Takes a matter of months to fall out of love from your wife to the surrogate mother. It is disgusting to eve read.


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