Naamkarann: Heartbroken Neil to propose Mitali


Neil and Avni have a moment. Neil hugs Avni and gets emotional. Everything doesn’t get fine between them. Avni imagines Neil. She recollects their past moments. She misses Neil in her life. Avni plans to move out from Neil’s house. Neil stops Avni and Mogli. He doesn’t want Avni to leave. Neil and his family ask Avni to stay back. Avni doesn’t listen to them. Neil then loses temper and scolds Avni for always going against him. Neil asks Avni why does she have so much ego. Prakash tries to explain Avni that the family needs her. Avni respects Prakash and asks him to allow her to leave. Neil gets scolded by his family.

Avni doesn’t listen to anyone and makes a leave with the kids. The family vents out anger on Neil’s stupidity. Neil gets frustrated. He didn’t wish Avni to leave or stay back. His anger ruins everything. Shweta and Bebe scold Neil for being rude towards Avni. Neil then emotionally blackmails Avni and stops her at home.

Mitali meets with an accident. Neil rushes to meet her at the hospital. Neil meets Mitali and proposes her for marriage. It gets shocking for her. Neil tells her that he has forgotten Avni completely. Neil and Mitali share their pain. Mitali knows Neil loves Avni. She asks him to rethink about his decision. She deals with the matter maturely. Neil tells her that he is sure of his decision. Avni doesn’t want to live with Neil. He is left with no option than marrying Mitali, so that his family’s expectations stop. He wants Avni to live her life as she wants. Mitali happily accepts Neil’s marriage proposal.


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