Nimki Mukhiya: Nimki attempts to win Babbu’s love


Nimki wants to go on a honeymoon trip with Babbu. They get busy in the election rally. Babbu’s mood gets upset. She is also not able to focus on election work. Babbu’s brother-in-law Rituraj asks Babbu and Nimki to finish the election work well, else their honeymoon plans will go in vain. Babbu and Rituraj have an argument. Babbu refuses to go for the campaign. He wants things to be in his control. He asks Rituraj to dominate. Nimki doesn’t want her plans to flop. She determines to do Tetar’s election campaigning well, so that she helps Tetar win. She asks Babbu not to worry and just leave everything to her.

She wants to manage things and make Tetar proud. She doesn’t understand why Babbu avoids her. She gets upset when Babbu doesn’t show interest in spending time with her. She then focusses on Tetar’s election win. She calls Ram Bachan and tells her plans to gain votes for Tetar. She asks him to gather all the villagers as she will be giving a speech in Tetar’s favor. She finds the villagers arguing. She gets on the jeep’s top and whistles to stop the fight. Ram Bachan, Tunee and Nimki expose Nahar Singh in front of the villagers. She takes Tetar’s side. She wants Tetar to win the elections so that she can win Babbu’s love.


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