Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Constant chase to leave Ishita chilled

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New mystery around Ishita's enemy

Ishita gets attacked by Sonakshi’s spirit again. Mihika, Romi and Raman team up to save Ishita from unknown and unseen dangers. Ishita gets into a panicking situation when she gets chased by Sonakshi’s spirit. She doesn’t know that Simmi is also aware of the entire matter and misusing things against her. Simmi and Parmeet try to scare Ishita by using the spirit drama. Mihika’s friend Bhavna tries to alert Ishita about Sonakshi’s spirit, who has come back to kill her and take revenge. Sonakshi’s spirit is just seen by Ishita, while Raman calls off the entire thing as a matter of misconception. Ruhi learns Simmi’s evil intentions and informs Raman about protecting Ishita. They look for Ishita everywhere.

Ishita gets locked and shouts for help. Raman finds her location and tries to reach her soon. Bhavna attacks Ishita with a warning. Raman hears Ishita screaming and rushes to save her. Bhavna tells Ishita that Sonakshi will not spare her, as Ishita has snatched her house. Ishita tells Bhavna that she has no idea about Sonakshi. Raman, Romi and Ruhi try to break the door and get in to stop Bhavna’s madness.

Bhavna gets possessed by Sonakshi’s spirit too. She soon disappears when Ishita gets rescued by Raman. Ishita tells Raman that Sonakshi has returned to trouble them. Raman saves Ishita from Sonakshi and Bhavna. Raman reasons why Bhavna is behaving strange, being a mental patient. He asks Ishita to be assured of his support and not worry. Raman takes Ishita home.

Mani gets happy seeing Adi’s hard work. He praises Adi in front of the clients. Adi tells Mani that he isn’t ready with the presentation. He upsets Mani. He disappoints the clients. Mani asks Adi to keep work ready within the allotted deadlines. He gives an advice to Adi so that Adi doesn’t let him down next time. Adi finds hard to hire someone else for his work purpose. Mani asks him to take Aaliya’s help, as its about their reputation. He wants the work to be finished on time.

Adi gets ego in between. Adi and Aaliya get into an argument, when she tries to help him. He accuses her for making Mani against him. He holds her responsible for weakening his place in office. Their misunderstandings grow further. His bitterness leaves Aaliya in tears. Aaliya goes home and hides the problems from Raman and Ishita. Bhallas try to make things normal for Ishita. Simmi wonders what happened with Ishita when she didn’t do anything. Ruhi doubts that Simmi is behind the attack. Raman tells Ishita that everything will get fine in their lives soon. He regrets to lose their memories. He wants all their memories to be back in his heart. Ruhi wishes Raman and Ishita always stay happy. Ishita feels bad to ruin Raman’s peace and happiness. Raman tells her that its his duty to be with her like a good husband and protect her. Raman and Ishita look forward to celebrate festive with the family.


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