Ishqbaaz: Roop-Veer get hell bent to separate Shivika

Shivika get back together

Roop’s goons try to find Shivay in the storeroom. Shivay tries to distract them. Omkara and Rudra come to his rescue. Shivay manages to run away from the goons. He then faces a shock seeing Roop returning. Shivay hides from Roop. He looks for the exit. Roop learns Shivay has escaped. She scolds the goons. She finds the folder missing too. She asks the goons to catch Shivay before he reaches home. Omkara and Rudra get happy that Shivay has left safely. Pinky hides the matter from Anika. She tells Shakti how Roop is blackmailing her for Shivay’s remarriage. She doesn’t want to ruin Anika’s marriage. She tells Shakti that she can’t do injustice with Anika again.

Shakti worries for Shivay’s safety. He wants to save Shivay first. They agree to accept Roop’s demands to save Shivay’s life. Shivay runs away from Roop. She calls him and builds up pressure. She asks him to remarry, else his family will be ruined. Shivay doesn’t think she can do anything now.

Roop gets Veer released from the jail. Omkara and Rudra spy on Roop and learn her plans. They decide to inform Shivay about Veer. Roop’s aide meets Veer in jail. Veer falls sick and is rushed to the hospital. Rudra tries to message Shivay and inform him to secure the family from Veer. Roop awaits Veer’s freedom. Veer gets into a fight with the police. He manages to escape from the police. He drives the ambulance to Oberoi mansion. Shivay returns home alone and thinks the evidence can work against Roop.

Roop calls him up and asks him to save Anika if he can, as Veer has broken the prison. Veer eyes Anika and makes her the target. Shivay doesn’t get scared of Roop. Roop tells Shivay that none can know Veer’s planning. Shivay gets worried for Anika. She tells him that Veer is going to kill Anika. Shivay runs to check Anika. Veer reaches Anika before Shivay. He returns for revenge. He attacks her. Anika fights with Veer. She tries to shout for help. Veer tells her that Shivay will be finding her if his love is true. He kidnaps her and takes her away. Shivay asks Roop where is Anika. Omkara and Rudra learn that Anika is kidnapped. Roop still blackmails Shivay for remarriage. She asks Shivay to marry someone else. Shivay worries for Anika’s life. He agrees to Roop. Veer tortures Anika.


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