Piyaa Albela: Pooja to stop Naren from committing a crime

Pooja finds Naren

Bela has made Naren dumb with her intoxicated betel leaves. She is using Naren’s addiction to betel leaves in her favour. She makes Naren fight with his family, and get his old room back. She then feeds him drugged betel leaves making him crazy for it and agreeing to her all sayings. Pooja is astonished to see Naren’s addiction to Betel leaves. However, she doesn’t tell anything to her family about Naren unconsciously changing his character into a different persona of Praveen after his heart transplant. Naren dances with Bela after having betel leaves.

Bela succeeds to get Naren drawn towards her and determines to kill him for her revenge. She orders him to loot jewellery from Praveen’s house, kidnap them and bring somewhere where she made all arrangements to hang them.

Naren in disguise of a dacoit loots Praveen’s parents. Pooja goes to Praveen’s house to get answers for Naren’s changed behavior and to get clues about Bela’s intentions. She witnesses Naren kidnapping Praveen’s parents and comes to know about Bela’s real intentions. She has less time to save Naren, and Praveen’s parents from Bela’s cruel intentions.


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