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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Naamkarann: Prakash confronts Avni about Mogli. He knows Mogli is Neil’s son. He asks Avni to accept this as he can’t be wrong in identifying his blood. Avni accepts that Mogli is Neil and her son. Neil meets Mitali to ask her well being. He recalls the pain given by Avni. He proposes Mitali for marriage. He assures her that Avni is out of his heart and life. He wants Mitali to become his life companion. He asks Mitali to answer him. Avni tells Prakash that she was helpless to lie about Mogli. Prakash asks Avni why didn’t she hide this from them, they deserved to know this truth and love Mogli. Avni tells them that she learnt about her pregnancy after leaving the house and then gave birth to Mogli, she was bound by her decision to hide her identity.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi tells Ishita that Simmi has plotted to kill her. She says Simmi and Parmeet are still trying hard to separate you and dad. She presents the evidence against Simmi. Ruhi loses her cool knowing Simmi’s evil motives. She confronts Simmi for pushing Ishita down the stairs. She scolds Simmi for harming Ishita and Raman. Simmi denies the blames. She has plotted to kill Ishita before. The family members doesn’t believe Simmi, knowing her past. Simmi tells them that she would have killed Ishita before if she had to. Ruhi scolds Simmi. The police finds the real culprit. Raman gets his memory back and gets more protective about Ishita.


    Anika tries to get saved from Veer’s clutches. Veer keeps a watch on her. Roop asks her goons to find Shivay and get the evidence against Anika’s dad. Veer tells Anika that Shivay is scared to lose her and he is agreeing to Roop. Veer tells her that Roop is his mum. He reveals that Shivay is getting blackmailed by Roop. Anika gets a shock. Veer tells her about Shivay’s hidden motives. She doesn’t want to know anything from Veer. She believes Shivay. Veer says even if you aren’t scared, you will be facing a bad day. He tells her that even Shivay is going to die soon.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Namrata wants to go to Rahul. The family doesn’t let her go. Namrata asks them not to stop them. Her Shivlings’ bag falls on the sick lady and cures her completely. The old lady gets fine and shocks her family. Namrata becomes a medium to cure the lady. She asks the family to leave her. Rudra reaches there to save Namrata. Rahul and Yashpal make a plan to nab Indra. Rahul consoles Preeti. Rahul asks Preeti to forgive Minty, as the latter isn’t at fault. Minty promises that she won’t inform Indra. Gauri leaves a message for Rahul and makes a plan to get Indra caught. Rudra makes an excuse and rescues Namrata. He shows up the Shivlings to the people and asks them to free Namrata.

    Jiji Maa:

    Uttara wants to get Falguni killed. She gets angered when Falguni warns her. She hires someone to get Falguni killed in Goa. Falguni hands over all the important evidence to Zeenat before leaving. Zeenat asks her to make a lovely relation with Suyash, who truly loves her. Falguni looks forward to spend good time with Suyash. The family leaves for Niyati’s babymoom. Shom also prepares to go with them to Goa. Uttara asks Shom to stay back at home and take care of all the work. She wants Shom to manage office too. Rawats arrive in Goa and have a great time on the beaches. Uttara books the stay in a five star hotel.

    Jayant asks Uttara to live life to the fullest. Vidhaan doesn’t want Niyati to get sad. She thanks him for giving him everything. He promises to keep her happy. Suyash and Falguni have a romantic moment. He asks her to calm her fears and believe him, while he takes her on the shores. He wants her to feel the fresh water breeze. The couples romance on the beach. Uttara waits for her hired goon to kill Falguni. She gets miffed finding Falguni and Suyash closer. She doesn’t want Falguni to have any relation with Suyash. Uttara tries to call the goon, while Jayant stops her. She promises to just spend time with him. Uttara meets the goon and asks him to finish the work soon. Goon assures her that he will kill Falguni. Uttara wants Falguni out of her way. Suyash finds Falguni missing, when she gets attacked by the goon. Suyash rescues Falguni.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Suhana plots Naira’s wardrobe malfunction. Naira doesn’t realize it, but it gets seen by Kartik, who runs to his lady love to save her dignity. He doesn’t reveal anything to Naira and covers her up. He asks Naira to dance with him. They have a romantic performance that completes Aryan’s Sangeet. Kartik handles the situation. Aryan compliments Suhana’s dance. Dadi praises Naira and asks Suhana to learn things from Naira. She tells Suhana that Naira will groom her well. Naira asks Suhana to have a clean heart. They announce Naira as the winner. Naira finds Suhana’s cheap tactics and reprimands her. She understands Suhana is much evil.


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