Piyaa Albela: Naren and Pooja’s Albeli love story gets new twists


Naren and Pooja visit the temple with the family members. They pray on their anniversary. Naren plans big surprises for Pooja. Naren wants to take the family on a picnic trip. Pooja is annoyed with Naren. Bela also reaches the temple. Naren and Bela have a hit and miss. They collide at the temple stairs. Harish and Naren learn about the poisonous laddoos fed by the pandit. They get worried and try to rush to hospital for checkup. Pooja cancels the picnic plan.

Pooja is heartbroken after Naren and Bela’s relation forming. Pooja knows Naren doesn’t love her now. She sees Naren’s attraction towards Bela all the time. Pooja is forced to be with Naren by the family. She is very unhappy from heart. Naren tries to convince Pooja and tell her that he loves her, but its the fault of Praveen’s heart beating in him. Bela follows Naren to get Praveen’s heart out. Bela tries new things to fulfill her revenge. Pooja will be protecting Naren.

There will be a merger episode of Piyaa Albela and Woh Apna Sa. Jia and Arjun meet Naren and Pooja in the temple, and try to get their relation on track. Jia stops everyone from having the poisonous laddoos. Jia helps Naren’s family. Pooja thanks Jia and Arjun for coming as savior for them. Jia gifts sindoor box to Pooja. Arjun asks Naren to fill his wife’s hairline. Pooja and Naren fulfill the rituals in the temple. Pooja isn’t happy when Naren fills sindoor in her hairline. Naren has to put more efforts to please her. He plans more surprises for her. He wants his relation to get fine. Pooja is not agreeing to Naren, when he explains him about Praveen’s heart influence.


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