Tu Aashiqui: JD gets obsessed to claim Pankti


JD sends Sinha and goons to Saku’s village to find Pankti. He doubts that Pankti is there, as he has heard her voice on a call. Ahaan shops for grocery and passes by Sinha. Sinha and the goons look for Pankti everywhere. Saku and the villagers stop Sinha, goons and police. They decide to help Ahaan and Pankti. They give a disguise to Ahaan and Pankti. Saku hides Ahaan and Pankti. Sinha reaches Saku and gets questioning her. He warns her about JD. Sinha threatens the villagers against helping Pankti. JD asks Sinha to get Pankti somehow. Ahaan stays alert.

Ahaan assures Pankti that nothing will happen to her. Sinha makes a video call to JD and tells him that Pankti isn’t here. Sinha and goons leave from the village. Saku and all villagers dance happily. Saku hugs Pankti. Ahaan hugs them. He thanks the villagers for love and support.

JD has bought the police to keep a track of Ahaan. Ahaan feels JD will not get after them now. Ahaan doesn’t know that JD will himself come to chase Pankti. JD will identify Ahaan and Pankti and try to ruin their lives. Ahaan and Pankti are unaware of the coming dangers. JD tracks Pankti in Saku’s village and prepares to meet Pankti. He plans to kidnap Pankti again. How will Ahaan protect Pankti this time? Keep reading.



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