Naamkarann: Neil’s engagement to bring new twists


Avni tries to find Mogli everywhere. She panics when she doesn’t see him anywhere. She calls Shweta to take Neil’s help. Prakash gets worried knowing that Mogli is missing. He stops himself from telling the truth to Neil. Neil assures him that he will find Mogli. Prakash wishes Mogli is fine. Shweta asks him not to worry, Neil will surely find Mogli. Neil reaches Avni and asks her to tell what happened that Mogli left the house. Avni feels guilty and tells her mistake to shout at Mogli. Neil asks her to calm down. Sunehri asks Avni to reveal the truth to Neil. Avni doesn’t listen. Neil asks Avni to think where can Mogli go, if he has any favorite place.

Mogli stays upset. He protects himself. Mitali arrives at Neil’s house to discuss about the marriage. She learns about Mogli. She assures Shweta that she will find Mogli. Avni breaks down and couldn’t tell Neil that Mogli is their son. She thinks of worse consequences. Neil asks her to be positive. She tells him that Mogli wanted to visit a temple. Avni and Neil arrive at the temple to check on him. They spot Mogli. Mogli gets away from them. Avni wishes Mogli is found soon. They find Mogli and bring him home.

Neil asks Mogli the reason for his leaving. Avni thanks Neil for helping her find Mogli. Neil tells her that he did this for humanity and his strange connection with Mogli. Mogli confronts Avni for lying to him that she isn’t his mum. Avni finds a way to cover up her lie. She wins Mogli’s heart again. Mogli asks Avni about his dad. She lies to him about his dad by making sweet stories. She asks him to have his dad in his heart. Avni doesn’t want to lose Mogli.

Neil informs his family that Mogli is found safe. Prakash wants Neil to know the truth. Shweta asks Neil to talk to Mitali about marriage. Neil wants the marriage to happen soon and in a simple way. The family decides his engagement. Mitali too wants a simple marriage. Neil and Mitali look ahead to their relation. She asks him to inform Avni about their marriage decision. He doesn’t want to share anything with Avni. He tells Mitali that Avni doesn’t need to know about his life, she isn’t important to him now. Mitali meets Avni and tells her about Neil’s proposal and their engagement. Avni gets heartbroken. Neil and Mitali’s engagement will bring new twists.


  1. Plzzzzzz naamkarann ko off air mat karo
    I love this serial and AvNiel or adiza is the best couple in the world
    Plz I request naamkarann ko off air mat karo adiza ke fan ki request h makers se

  2. Plz I request naamkarann ko off air mat kijiye i love this serial and adiza or avneil is the best couple in the world
    Adiza ke fan ki ek request man lijiye or naamkarann ko off air mat kijiye


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