Ishq SubhanAllah: A new entry to separate Zara-Kabeer

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Ruksar is trying to separate Zara and Kabeer. Ruksar wants to get Kabeer in her life. Zara serves her tea and asks her to make a leave, as this is the last tea served to her. She wants Ruksar out of the house. She knows Ruksar’s intentions. She shows Ruksar her place. Zara is angry as Ruksar is crossing limits. Zara understands everything and gives a warning to Ruksar to stay away from Kabeer. On the other hand, a new guy Shiraaz gets after Zara. Zara gets kidnapped. Zara gets conscious at someone’s place. She meets Shiraaz and asks him why did she get him to his place. Shiraaz tells her that he loves her a lot, he used to chat with her on phone.

She doesn’t remember anything. He shows her online profile. She tells him that she is not his chat friend. He doesn’t believe her and asks her to accept him. Zara gets caught up. He surprises her with love. He asks her not to try to run away. Shiraaz is obsessed with her. Shiraaz doesn’t hurt her and stays calm when she angers him. He tells her that he had saved her, he didn’t capture her, she was in a problem when he found her. He wants to compel her to accept his true love. What will Zara do now? Keep reading.


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