Udaan (PicFiction): Karan to win Suraj’s confidence


Suraj works hard in office. He is working for the development project. He doesn’t care for anything. He checks the bridge requirement list. He thanks the engineer for helping him. Chakor meets Suraj at office. She asks him why did he get late, she was waiting for him at home. Suraj tell her that he was busy in work, he was not intentionally staying away from home. Chakor tells him that Saanvi is missing him, he should come along. Suraj tells her that he will first finish the work and then come. Chakor refuses to go home alone. She insists him to come.

Suraj tells her that he will play with Saanvi once he gets stress free from work. Chakor sits there to protect and asks him to come with him right away. He calls her adamant and leaves for home along with her. Suraj, Chakor and Karan later celebrate the success of their new project. Suraj doesn’t suspect Karan anymore. Karan wins Suraj and Chakor’s confidence.


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