Kumkum Bhagya: Simonika to mark Abhi-Pragya’s separation

High drama in Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Simonika returns for revenge. She reaches Abhi and Pragya’s house to kill Abhi. Abhi, Pragya, Purab and Disha celebrate Abhi’s return happily. The party gets the uninvited guest, who ruins the celebrations. Simonika shoots at the chandelier to kill Abhi and Pragya together. Abhi gets injured and saves Pragya. Tanu joins hands with Simonika to separate Abhi and Pragya. She asks Simonika to kill Pragya instead Abhi. Simonika agrees to her terms. Simonika murders Dadi in Abhi and Pragya’s absence at home.

Abhi had taken a promise from Pragya to stay with Dadi and not go anywhere from the house. Pragya gets a call from a mystery man and goes to meet him in order to protect the family.

Pragya didn’t wish Simonika will be planning to kill Dadi. Abhi loses his beloved Dadi and holds Pragya responsible for Dadi’s death. Abhi decides to part ways with Pragya because of the loss of his beloved Dadi. Simonika causes a separation between Abhi and Pragya. The show will be taking a leap and Pragya will be seen living with King Singh, and her daughter Abhigya, away from Abhi and the rest of the family members.


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