Naamkarann: Avni and Neil’s hidden link to surface


Neil tells Mitali that he doesn’t need to inform Avni about his remarriage, as his relation with Avni is broken now. He doesn’t want Avni to get involved in his life and his decisions. Mitali still feels that Avni has a right to know about Neil and her marriage. Neil angrily burns off all the memories of Avni and his relation, while Avni prays for Neil’s well being and happiness. Shweta finds Neil heartbroken. He tells Shweta that he has burnt his past, his pain and his relation, which ended altogether in one strike. He wants all the memories to leave from his mind and heart.

Neil looks forward to marry Mitali. He shares his emotions with Shweta. She feels Neil is doing the right thing as he can’t be stuck at the same point of life always. She asks him to either accept Avni or Mitali, he can’t punish himself for Avni’s lie, he has a right to live happily. Neil too wants to get free and not stay confined in his room, as he was living since past ten years. Prakash thinks of Neil and Avni’s son Mogli. He isn’t happy that Neil is marrying Mitali. He asks Shweta to support Avni, who are destined to meet. He tells her that Avni still loves Neil and they are connected. Shweta asks him to understand that Neil and Avni can’t get together again.

On the other hand, Saisha looks forward to attend a bollywood party. She asks Kamini if she can come. Kamini asks her not to get excited as she can’t attend the party. She scolds Saisha for trying to show their family down by her low status. She hurts Saisha by her background’s truth. She wants Saisha to leave from the house. Avni tries to get legal help for orphanage kids. She has no idea that the lawyer is working with Kamini. Kamini wants to make Avni’s life hell. Avni spends time with Mogli. Mitali surprises Avni and shares the good news about Neil and her engagement. She reveals that Neil has decided to move on in life, and they are soon marrying.

Avni gets a shock on learning about Neil’s decision. She sheds some tears and then prays for Neil and Mitali’s happiness. She congratulates Mitali. Avni’s heart breaks. She stays strong and takes it as fate. She doesn’t want to think much and look after the orphanage kids. Avni and Sunehri face a problem posed by Kamini. Avni is sure to tackle all problems. Mitali tells Neil that she met Avni and told about their marriage decision. She reveals that Avni got happy and congratulated them too. Neil gets angered on hearing Avni’s name. Mogli finds Avni upset and asks her not to cry. Avni smiles for his sake. Avni is happy that she has Mogli with him. Neil arrives at Avni’s place to meet her. Neil will soon learn about Mogli’s truth that Mogli is his own son.



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