High Five Spoilers


Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Yash makes an entry in Vedika’s life. Vedika joins Yash as his nephew’s tuition teacher. He learns that Vedika is a fashion designer. He offers her a job and asks her to design clothes for his company. He gets impressed with Vedika. Vedika takes the job to solve her financial problems.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Shiraaz orders Kabeer to sign the divorce papers. Kabeer buys some time from Shiraaz cleverly. He then realizes Shiraaz’s madness for Zara. He gets a gun from the goon and points at Zara. He tells Shiraaz that he will kill Zara, if she can’t love him, if she cheated him, he will not spare her life. He asks Shiraaz to get back if he wants Zara alive. He scolds Zara and tells her that its her fault that she has chosen Shiraaz for her, how could she share their differences with Shiraaz. He then signals Zara about his drama to save her. Zara then understands that Kabeer is saying bitter words to fool Shiraaz.


Suraj starts the new project of the bridge in Aazaadgunj. Suraj helps the workers and shows how rooted he is. He lends help in the bridge construction. There happens a major accident, when the under construction bridge breaks down all of a sudden. The bridge slab falls over the workers. Many people get injured and some lose their lives as well. They get trapped under the boulders and debris. The saddening news spreads like fire. Chagan gets to see the bad sight. He runs to inform Chakor.

Woh Apna Sa:
Akash kidnaps Binny and hides it in a carpet. He takes Binny out of the house. He doesn’t want Ambika to know about Binny. Binny wanted to show a video to Ambika to prove that Akash still loves her. She wants Ambika to separate Akash and Jia. Akash fails Binny’s plans.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan dreams of Diya. He gets into an emotional moment with Diya. They have a heart to heart talk. Diya has no idea that Ratan is also falling for her. Ratan wakes up and finds Diya beside her. He hugs her and gets happy that she is with him. He fears to lose Diya. Diya asks him why is he so tensed. She gives him water and tries to calm him. Later, Ratan and fake Ratan get into an argument. Diya asks them to stop fighting, as their identities aren’t proved till now.

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala:
Kulfi takes a disguise of a Punjabi boy so that Nihalo doesn’t identify her. Her uncle Sittu changes her look so that he can protect her. He aims to drop Kulfi at Sikandar’s house. Sittu isn’t aware of Sikandar’s marriage breaking. Lovely parts ways with Sikandar. Kulfi wants to meet her dad and gets too excited. She gets saved from Nihalo, when she boards the train and gets sighted by her. Kulfi enjoys the train journey. She sleeps on the way. She wakes up and doesn’t see Sittu. She wants to wait for Sittu and then go to Sikandar’s house. She misses Sittu.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi breaks up with Pragya pre-leap and ends their marriage. He holds her responsible for Dadi’s death because of Aaliya’s instigating words. He tells her that he is feeling as an orphan after losing Dadi because of her. He calls her inauspicious, selfish and uses many bad words breaking her heart ruthlessly. He throws her out of his life without even a second thought. Pragya gets shattered and tries to commit suicide, but she gets saved by King Singh.


Leela injures Susheel after losing temper. Leela can’t tolerate Susheel’s win. Sarthi doubts on Leela when Susheel goes missing. Leela worries as she has killed Susheel. She doesn’t know where did Susheel go, if anyone moved her body. Sarthi gets the police to Ajmera house and exposes Leela for drugging Jessica by the spiked pickles. Leela doesn’t get scared. She blames Sarthi and tells inspector that she isn’t related to Susheel now, there is no enmity between them, its Sarthi who could have kidnapped Susheel. Leela doesn’t want anyone to blame her.


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