Kumkum Bhagya (PicFiction): Abhi and Pragya’s new worlds to meet

High drama in Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Actually it was Tanu who had planned Pragya’s murder with Simonika’s help, but Dadi goes to the factory and gets shot by Simonika. Pragya gets Simonika arrested by the Police and takes Dadi to hospital. Dadi takes her last breath and dies. Aaliya blames Pragya for Dadi’s death and instigates Abhi against her.

Abhi breaks up with Pragya pre-leap and ends their marriage. He holds her responsible for Dadi’s death because of Aaliya’s instigating words. He tells her that he is feeling as an orphan after losing Dadi because of her. He calls her inauspicious, selfish and uses many bad words breaking her heart ruthlessly. He throws her out of his life without even a second thought. Pragya gets shattered and tries to commit suicide, but she gets saved by King Singh.

The show takes a 7 years leap, Pragya is staying with King Singh and her daughter Kiara, which she named after King and not Abhi (Abhigya). Kiara is a replica of Abhi and is fondly called as junior rockstar by Pragya. Pragya catches her when she hides from her. Abhi and Pragya’s lives changes after leap. Pragya will have a make over and stay in a luxurious house with King. Abhi hates Pragya. Purab and Disha’s son will be close to Abhi and remind him of his anniversary. Abhi decides to surprise his new wife on their anniversary. King Singh and Abhi will come face to face in the music world. Abhi will soon meet Kiara and know her connection with him.


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