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Reads Ishqbaaz Jiji Maa

Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan and Pankti dance together during the celebrations of Saku’s daughter’s marriage in the village. Amidst the celebrations, Ahaan confesses his love to Pankti. Ahaan and Pankti get blessings from everyone. The village women teases Ahaan for joining Pankti everywhere, even in women’s rituals. JD reaches there and watches Pankti dancing with Ahaan happily. JD goes on to confront them. Pankti gets a huge shock seeing JD in front of her.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni is preparing for her new life. She begins her marriage shopping. Parth is restless after seeing her wedding invitation card. He wants to meet Teni once. Indu consoles Parth. She tells him that their Teni can’t marry anyone, as she loved him. She asks Parth not to doubt on his love. Parth too doesn’t want to believe her, but he tells his mum that Teni was in front of his eyes, but didn’t identify him, maybe her memory didn’t come back. Teni wants to take her life’s decisions on her own.


Avni faces a financial trouble when she has to arrange money to accommodate the orphanage kids. She decides to sell the bracelet which Neil gifted her years ago. Neil learns about Avni’s plans to sell the bracelet by Sunehri’s help. He meets Sunehri and manages to buy the bracelet. He then makes a donation to the orphanage to end Avni’s financial crisis. Neil’s family prepares for Neil and Mitali’s engagement ceremony. They invite Avni and kids as well. Avni worries when Mogli trips down the stairs and gets hurt. Mogli slips in pain and addresses Avni as his mum. Neil realizes Mogli is his son. He gets upset that this big truth was hidden from him till now. He gets angry on Avni for cheating him again. Neil gets emotional on meeting Mogli and hugs him. He throws out Avni from his house.

Laado 2:

Anushka gets shocked seeing Komal as Lawyer Dharam Kriplani’s wife. Shagun and Amrish asks Anushka to sign on important papers. Anushka started trusting Shagun and is about to sign, but Komal makes tea tray falls on the papers and slips intentionally. She don’t want Anushka to give Juhi’s property in wrong hands. Amrish and Shagun’s plan fails and the papers get ruined. Dharam tells them that the court is closed for 7 days and they can’t do anything unless the court opens. Shagun had no option left than to wait for 7 days. Anushka will come to know about Amrish kidnapping Tai soon and will come to know about their secret which forced Juhi to leave the house.


Meera gets back to her cheerful side. She has a unique bond with Vivaan. Roma tries to break Vivaan and Meera’s relation. Meera strongly opposes Roma and fails her plans. Meera and Vivaan have an argument again. They start fighting for petty things. Meera doesn’t realize and tells her future plans to Vivaan. Meera doesn’t want any tensions in his life. She asks Vivaan not to take stress about work. She tries to lighten his mood. Vivaan asks her to give him some peace. Roma gives an ultimatum to Vivaan. She wants to throw Meera out of the house. Vivaan asks her to go ahead and do anything she wants, he is with her.


Harman decides to bring Soumya back to home and searches her on the road. Kinnars help him and fight with the goons sent by Harak Singh. Harman finally sees Soumya at the bus station and tries to stop her. Soumya asks him what is he doing there, as he shall be with his wife now. Harman asks her to return with him to their house. Soumya asks with which right he is asking her to return. Harman says with the same right which she gave to him being his wife. Soumya gets emotional, but don’t want to return in his life again. She gets inside the bus. Harman shouts asking her to come out and takes a knife from the shop there, and cuts his palm. Soumya gets shocked and runs out of the bus. Harman apologizes to her with folded hands and convinces her to return to his life and home.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Abhimanyu blames Tetar with such accusations that Nimki and Babbu are left stunned. Abhimanyu and Tetar have a row in front of everyone. Abhimanyu raises a voice against Tetar. He accuses Tetar for feeding poison to the villagers instead medicines. He ruins Tetar’s image. He tells everyone that Tetar doesn’t deserve to become a minister. He asks Tetar about the bad drugs supply to the hospital. He tells Tetar that his daughter is fighting for his life because of him. He scolds Tetar.

Piyaa Albela:
Bela tries to kill Naren, but seeing Pooja there, she executes her other plan. She tells Pooja that Naren is happy in her company rather than with Pooja. Pooja gets shocked seeing Bela’s intimacy with Naren and ends her relation with Naren. She decides to leave Vyas Mansion and asks Naren to be happy with Bela. Naren doesn’t want Pooja to leave and tries to make her understand what he is going through since the transplant, but Pooja doesn’t believe him. Harish realizes the reason about Naren’s strange behavior. Meanwhile, the family decides to go for Picnic to Madhavpur. Pooja decides to go there with her family and intends not to return back. Bela also reaches there to kidnap and kill Naren to give him a scary death. There is a Maha episode in which Meera and Jia join hands with Pooja to save Naren from Bela’s cruel intention.


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