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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira reads few comments from her critics on her dance academy website. She shows the harsh comments to Kartik. She tells him that she will reply such people by giving a better performance next time. She doesn’t want people to criticize her. Kartik tells her that one of her fan has given a good reply to her critic. He is happy that her fans are protecting her. The family also reads the bad comments about Naira. Kabeer reaches the critic and beats him up badly in order to make him pull off his harsh comment on Naira. He gets angry on the man for hurting Naira’s sentiments. The family supports Naira.


    Mitali asks Neil to realize his love for Avni. Neil tells Mitali that he wants to start life afresh, he is sure that he can stay happy with her. He asks Mitali to marry him, as his decision is final. He tells her that he wants her in his life. Mitali doesn’t believe his words, seeing his love for Avni in his eyes. Prakash asks Neil to be practical and think of Mogli, who would need a family. Neil tells him that he hates Avni for her lies, Avni doesn’t need any family in her life. Avni realizes her mistake. She wants to answer Neil and Mogli’s questions regarding her decision. She falls in a dilemma, as she can’t change the past. She wants Neil to move on in life. She realizes Neil can’t live without Mogli.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Rahul informs Thakur that Gauri and he are safe and they have the Shivlings too. He tells that they are soon taking the Shivlings back to the village. He reveals about his address to Thakur. Rahul tells his plans and awaits Thakur near some temple. Thakur shares the good news with everyone. Devendra informs this to someone secretly. Rahul, Namrata and Gauri travel with the Shivlings. They wait for Thakur, and get surrounded by Indra and his goons. Indra manages to reach them to get back the Shivlings. Indra threatens them. He asks them to show the Shivlings to him. Rahul and Gauri manage to run away. Namrata gets left alone. Thakur and Lakhan reach there on time and get into a fight with Indra. Devendra takes the lead in the fight and follows Indra’s car. Thakur rescues Rahul and Gauri. Devendra tries to nab Indra. He finds Indra inside a car. Indra stabs Devendra as well. He warns the constables against targeting him, else they will be dead too. Indra flees.


    Roop instigates Anika about the Oberois. Anika also feels wrong about her family, finding them happy with the marriage. She thinks Roop didn’t lie to her. Her trust on Shivay breaks. She feels the marriage happened for real. Roop asks Anika to see how the Oberois got Shivay remarried. She tells Anika that entire family is happy and no one thought of her sorrow. She asks Anika to think of cleaning the stain from her dad’s name and do a daughter’s duty, just like Shivay did a son’s duty towards his family. She persuades Anika to get justice for her dad. Shivay senses Anika around, but misses to see her. Roop sends Anika to the police station. She asks her to lodge a complaint against Shivay and Oberois.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Iyers inform Ishita about Bala and Shravan’s tiff. They call Ishita home to sort the fight. Mani tells Aaliya that he is really proud of her achievements. Aaliya wishes Adi was with her in her celebrations. Mani feels Adi is feeling jealous of her. She feels Adi doesn’t love her anymore. Mani asks her not to think so. She complains about Adi and Roshni’s growing friendship. Mani asks her to be clear about it. Aaliya tells him that she feels bad seeing Adi’s liking for Roshni. He asks her not to think wrong about Adi and Roshni’s friendship. Mani meets his inspector friend and learns about Adi and Roshni. Inspector tells Mani that Adi told him that Roshni is his wife. Mani can’t believe it.


    Sarthi gets suspicious that Leela is involved in Susheel’s disappearance. Leela acts innocent in front of them. She tells them that Susheel has insulted Satya and them. She says Susheel won’t get anything even after winning the title. She acts great in front of Sarthi. She speaks against Susheel, which angers Satya. Soumya hears their arguments. She asks Satya not to worry for Susheel. Leela tells Soumya that she will soon become Satya’s wife. She promises to get Satya and Soumya married. She asks Sarthi to make a leave from her house. Satya cries while reminiscing his moments with Susheel. He thinks of their old moments and feels low. He wants Susheel to be back with him. He falls weak. He tells Sejal that he is nothing without Susheel. Sarthi tries to find clues. She wants to know if Leela, Soumya or Satya has done anything wrong with Susheel.

    Sarthi feels Susheel is in a problem. Sarthi doubts on Leela. Satya tries hard to find Susheel. He posts a message on social sites to know about her. Sarthi sends the pickles for test to know Leela’s planning. Leela wonders where did Susheel disappear. She wants Susheel to be out of their lives completely. Sarthi gets sure that Leela is behind the evil conspiracy. She reaches Leela’s house and creates a storm with accusations on Leela. She asks Leela to speak up, where did she keep Susheel captive. She tells the family that Jessica was drugged by Leela, who wanted to get Susheel killed during the wrestling match.

    She calls police there to arrest Leela. Satya asks Leela to tell them about Susheel. Leela acts ignorant about anything. She tells Satya that its all Sarthi’s plans, as Susheel has been living with her. Sarthi asks Leela to prove her innocent if she can. Leela throws out Sarthi from her house. Mehul comes to Leela’s house and identifies Susheel’s jewelry which Leela had with her.

    Jiji Maa:
    Suyash finds Falguni by the help of police. He rushes Falguni to the hospital. Uttara gets the news of Falguni’s survival. She tries hard to kill Falguni in the hospital. She hates Falguni even more, as Niyati’s baby got killed because of their enmity. She regrets to lose Vidhaan’s unborn child. She gets hell bent to punish Falguni. Uttara attacks Falguni. Doctors check Falguni later and inform Suyash that Falguni has slipped in coma. Suyash gets alarmed about some enemy who is constantly trying to harm Falguni. He decides to find the person responsible for Falguni’s state.


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