Udaan: Karan and Imli’s evil plotting to strike SuKor


Suraj is stuck in a big mess. Suraj is accused for the bridge disaster. Chakor and Suraj face a bad time. A storm strikes Aazaadgunj and SuKor’s lives. Chakor tries hard to explain the police that Suraj isn’t responsible for the accident. Inspector tells her that Suraj is the project manager, he had to check the raw material and stability planning well, he is the in-charge and was responsible for everyone’s lives. He apologizes to Chakor and shows the arrest warrant. Chakor doesn’t want to believe anything. She tells inspector that Suraj has worked hard day and night, he can give his life for the villagers, he can never think of doing this.

Inspector tells them that two people already lost their lives and many are battling with death. Suraj asks Chakor not to intervene in legal matters. He wants the law to be executed. He feels guilty and surrenders to police. Suraj gets handcuffed. He thinks inspector is right, as the project was completely his responsibility.

Chakor tells Suraj that she will soon prove his innocence. She tries to take help from Karan. Suraj lands in lockup. Chakor has to find who did wrong and why. Karan plans to take the insurance amount after the disaster. He had plotted to break the bridge. He finds it weird that his man didn’t blast the bridge. He then learns that Imli is behind the bridge disaster. He gets a shock knowing how dangerous Imli is. Karan finds her worthy of his partnership. Karan and Imli join hands against SuKor. Imli asks him to get Saanvi for her, so that she can turn her into a bandhua. Karan wants to ruin SuKor as well.


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