Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Adi and Aaliya’s relation gets on verge of breaking

adi aaliya relation breaking

Iyers inform Ishita about Bala and Shravan’s tiff. They call Ishita home to sort the fight. Mani tells Aaliya that he is really proud of her achievements. Aaliya wishes Adi was with her in her celebrations. Mani feels Adi is feeling jealous of her. She feels Adi doesn’t love her anymore. Mani asks her not to think so. She complains about Adi and Roshni’s growing friendship. Mani asks her to be clear about it. Aaliya tells him that she feels bad seeing Adi’s liking for Roshni. He asks her not to think wrong about Adi and Roshni’s friendship. Mani meets his inspector friend and learns about Adi and Roshni. Inspector tells Mani that Adi told him that Roshni is his wife. Mani can’t believe it.

Aaliya learns Adi’s lies. Aaliya feels betrayed by Adi. She tells Mani that Adi should have told the truth to her. She doesn’t want to talk to Adi. Mani worries for her. Raman and Ishita calm down Bala and Shravan’s fight. Ishita counsels Shravan. Bala tells them that Shravan is unhappy about the money. Ishita scolds Shravan. She asks Shravan how can he feel ashamed that Bala is a teacher. She tries to feed some sense in Shravan’s mind. Shravan doesn’t listen to him. He tells them that none of them can understand them. He feels bad that everyone is yelling at him. He locks himself in his room. Raman asks Bala not to overreact. Bala tells Raman that he can’t bear anything wrong. He doesn’t want Shravan to do any crime. Raman asks Bala to solve this mess sensibly.

Bala asks Raman to talk to Shravan and explain him. Aaliya confronts Roshni seeing her at office. Roshni tells Aaliya that Adi called her at office for the presentation work. Aaliya reprimands Roshni for spoiling her married life. Aaliya tries to throw out Roshni from the house. Adi gets angry on Aaliya. He asks Aaliya to apologize to Roshni. He doesn’t take Aaliya’s insulting words. Aaliya asks him about his lies. Adi worries for Roshni’s sentiments more. She asks Adi and Roshni to apologize to her. She doesn’t apologize to Roshni. Adi insists her to make an apology. Mani scolds Adi for hurting Aaliya’s sentiments. Mani can’t tolerate Adi’s move to break Aaliya’s trust. He takes Adi’s class.

Raman tries to know about Sonakshi’s matter from Parmeet. Ishita gets a shock knowing Raman’s involvement in Sonakshi’s matter. Ishita gets angry on Raman. She overhears his conversation. Raman lies to her about the call. Ishita gets suspicious about Raman. She wants to know what’s Raman hiding and whom is he protecting. Ishita then gets open to talk to Raman about the fraud case that ruined Sonakshi’s life. Raman tells Ishita that someone else is using his name and taking advantage.


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