Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi to misunderstand Pragya and King’s relation


King convinces Pragya to come with him to India for the Prestigious International Event where 6 singers from all around the world are taking part. Though Pragya is skeptical, she agrees to go to all cities in India except Mumbai. She thinks if she don’t go to Mumbai then she will not face Abhi. Meanwhile Abhi is seen shifted his base to Delhi after separation from Pragya. Aaliya informs Abhi about the international event. Purab sees the singers’ list and sees King also. He wonders who is he, and asks Abhi to see his face, but Abhi refuses to see.

Pragya and Kiara come to the shopping mall. Abhi and Tanu also come there, but Pragya and Abhi couldn’t see each other. Tanu and Pragya see each other. Pragya is shocked to know from Tanu about her marriage with Abhi and the bitter past unfolds.

Abhi sees King popularity with the audience and is surprised. Kiara accidentally meets Abhi and tells him that her father is more popular rockstar than him. Abhi gets surprised to see Pragya and King planting kiss on Kiara’s cheeks together. He recalls all the past moments and their separation. He still holds Pragya responsible for Dadi’s death and misunderstands that she has married and moved on.


    • Really, what show have you been watching? May be you have friend or spouse that is like Tanu’s character, a low life and zero character.


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