Laado 2: Anushka and Shaurya fall prey to Shagun’s plotting

Anushka Shaurya engaged Tellyreviews

Shagun makes plan to stop Anushka growing fondness for Shaurya and decides to do their engagement drama. She asks Dadi to get them engaged. Anushka gets surprised when Dadi announces their engagement. She hesitantly gets engaged to Shaurya, thinking she will return the ring to Juhi when he returns. Shaurya is happy with his engagement with Anushka. Shagun and Amrish get shocked as their plan backfired. Shagun asks Anushka if Shaurya forced her for engagement and says she will stop it. Anushka tells her that she got engaged to Shaurya with her wish.

Later, Dharam gets the papers ready and gives to Shagun. Amrish asks Anushka to sign on the papers. Komal calls her and informs that Dharam got the papers ready. Anushka tells her that the papers are already here, and she will not sign on it in any circumstances. When Shagun asks her to sign, Anushka refuses citing she is not Juhi to sign on any important papers.

Anushka has to fail Shagun and Amrish’s plans by using her law skills. Anushka signs the documents knowing it won’t harm Juhi’s property and rights. Shaurya plans an outing with Anushka. Anushka plans to reveal the truth to him. Shagun and Amrish fail the brakes of Shaurya’s vehicle. Anushka asks Shaurya to drive slow. Shaurya doesn’t know about the failed brakes. Anushka prepared to tell him the identity truth.

Anushka tells Shaurya that she isn’t Juhi, she is Anushka, who isn’t his childhood friend. She gets relieved from a big burden. Shaurya gets a huge shock. He drives rashly. Anushka asks him to slow down the speed. Shaurya loses control over his driving. Shaurya and Anushka meet with an accident. Shagun and Amrish want Anushka to die. They don’t want Shaurya to fail their plans. Shaurya reacts on hearing Anushka’s truth. He hits some boulders on the way. They fall down the jeep. Some people see their accident and come to check them. Shaurya protects Anushka. He is sure to fail Shagun and Amrish’s evil motives.


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