Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil to perform a bike stunt


Sahil risks his life by participating in a bike race. Vedika and Badi Amma reach the event and worry for Sahil’s life. They don’t want Sahil to get injured. Sahil performs the stunts. He is ready to do anything for Vedika. Vedika asks Sahil to stop the madness. Sahil doesn’t listen to her. He knows the race is risky and he can lose his life as well. Sahil falls down the bike and gets hurt. Badi Amma worries for him. She blames Vedika for his state. Vedika runs to Sahil. She knows he is immature and attempts silly things. She wants Sahil to accept his marriage with Nidhi and stay with his family. Badi Amma regrets for challenging Sahil and Vedika.

She tells Sahil that she didn’t mean to risk his life. Sahil goes ahead for the race despite his injury. He wins the race. Sahil gets the project and also the prize money. Sahil dances with his broken leg and gives the money to Badi Amma.

Vedika congratulates him. Badi Amma throws the money away and tells Sahil that she doesn’t want money earned this way by putting life in danger. Sahil gets Vedika’s care. He turns happy when she supports him. Later, Nidhi plays a trick and pushes Badi Amma down the stairs. Badi Amma gets injured. Sahil and entire family rush to her. They call a doctor for Badi Amma. Nidhi wants Sahil to stay back home for Badi Amma’s sake. She wants Badi Amma’s property to get on Sahil’s name, so that she can get everything. Badi Amma doesn’t get consciousness. Sahil doesn’t know how did the accident happen.


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