High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Laado 2: Shaurya has learnt Anushka’s truth. He is shattered knowing he was loving someone else, not his Juhi. He wants his feelings to get justice. He wants to talk to Anushka. He gets treated in the hospital. Anushka doesn’t gain consciousness. Shaurya gets conscious and asks doctor about Anushka’s health. He tells doctor about Juhi’s medical history. Doctor asks Shaurya to arrange blood units for Anushka.

Shaurya asks doctor to take his blood, as Juhi’s blood group is same like him. Doctor sends their blood samples for tests. He gets the reports and tells Shaurya that the blood groups aren’t matching. Shaurya checks the reports and doesn’t believe it.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Mandira and Bulbul are outdoing each other in order to win Vijay’s love. Vijay is disturbed as his distance with Bulbul isn’t shortening. Mandira plays more tricks to keep them away. Bulbul loves Vijay. She doesn’t want to cheat him. She hides from Vijay, to keep her promise given to Mandira. Vijay gets roses for Bulbul. He looks for Bulbul at home. Bulbul avoids him. Bulbul is not making any relation with Vijay, so that Mandira gets a fair chance to win Vijay’s heart. Mandira expresses her feelings to Vijay. Mausi Dadi overhears their conversation. She gets mistaken about Mandira. Dadi supports Mandira, assuming Mandira is Vijay’s wife. Bulbul tells Mandira that Vijay will never accept her. Mandira wants to test her love. She wishes Vijay accepts her.


Chakor gets busy in looking after Saanvi. Suraj asks her to take some rest, as she is managing project work also. He tells her that he will accompany her in her office. Chakor doesn’t want him to come, as he may fall in problem. He tells her that he is feeling lonely since she joined the job, he wants her to spend time with him. Suraj romances her. Imli breaks their moments.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Anaro wants to get gold bangles for Sweety. Anaro doesn’t get any tension about the sick villagers. She tells Sweety that she wants to exchange the old bangles and get new ones for her. She is sure that Tetar will become a minister and then gift her a big necklace. Sweety is worried seeing wrong happening with Nimki. Tetar plays a trick against Nimki. He wants to frame her and get her arrested. Sweety asks Anaro to think about Nimki, who is part of the family. Anaro is happy to get rid of Nimki. She is proud of her family. She tells Sweety that police can’t dare to come to haveli, police just comes here to salute Tetar. Sweety wants Nimki to get saved. Anaro says nothing has changed for us, Singh family is still influential. She hates Nimki and wants her out of the house. Nimki checks some documents. She tries to solve the mess.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni returns happiness to the villagers. The villagers get glad to get water in their houses. Falguni beats Uttara’s goons and gets the water tanker back to the village. The people with the water and dance. Falguni assures the villagers that no rich person will cheat them. She fails Uttara’s plans. Falguni is gathering the evidence against Uttara. She helps the villagers while proceeding in her plans.


Vivaan waits for Meera to wish him on his birthday. He falls asleep. He dreams of Meera wishing him on his birthday by singing a romantic song. He dreams a romantic moment. He then wakes up and looks for Meera. He imagines Meera dancing and getting a gift for him. He sees her everywhere. He doesn’t know what’s happening to him. He wants to realize his feelings for Meera. He gets worried by the growing emotions. He sees Meera in a mirror and breaks it. He still sees Meera smiling. He doesn’t want to accept that he loves Meera.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer and Zara have an argument. She tells him that he can’t snatch women rights from her, which she got from her Lord itself. They oppose each other. Zara justifies herself over observing the veil. She questions the investor for eyeing women and then raising a doubt on women’s esteemed living. Zara asks him will the men cage their wives. Kabeer stops Zara from misbehaving with the guest. He asks Zara to stop insulting the client. Zara gets angry that Kabeer didn’t support her. Ruksar is after Kabeer. She plans to spoil things between Kabeer and Zara.


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