Laado 2: Shaurya to confront Anushka’s deceive


Shaurya has learnt Anushka’s truth. He is shattered knowing he was loving someone else, not his Juhi. He wants his feelings to get justice. He wants to talk to Anushka. He gets treated in the hospital. Anushka doesn’t gain consciousness. Shaurya gets conscious and asks doctor about Anushka’s health. He tells doctor about Juhi’s medical history. Doctor asks Shaurya to arrange blood units for Anushka. Shaurya asks doctor to take his blood, as Juhi’s blood group is same like him. Doctor sends their blood samples for tests. He gets the reports and tells Shaurya that the blood groups aren’t matching. Shaurya checks the reports and doesn’t believe it.

Anushka gets conscious after her treatment. She looks for Shaurya. Nurse tells her that Shaurya is fine and is waiting for him outside. Shaurya gets moved by the shocking truth. Shaurya will confront Anushka for playing with his emotions. He doesn’t forgive Anushka. He wants to make Anushka realize her mistake. Will Anushka convince Shaurya about her helplessness? Keep reading.


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