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Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara challenges Ruksar that Kabeer will make her leave from their lives. Ruksar gets determined to get Kabeer. She tells Zara that she can die, but not leave Kabeer, who is her first love. They both have a challenge to throw each other out of his life. Ruksar makes a plan to make Zara out of the house by using Kabeer itself. She knows Kabeer’s ego will help her achieve her goals. She realizes Zara loves Kabeer, while he is just fulfilling his duties as a good husband. She doesn’t want their relation to turn strong by mutual love. She wants Kabeer to throw out Zara from the house. Ruksar plans to hurt Kabeer’s ego, so that he gets instigated to part ways with his wife. Ruksar aims to ignite fire in their lovely relation.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni attacks on Uttara’s goons. She tries to get the water tanker. She ends the water scarcity in the village. Falguni surprises everyone by her big move. She foils Uttara’s plans. Uttara asks Shom to find out details about the villager Lajwanti/Falguni.

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala:
Sikandar and Kulfi come face to face, when Kulfi gets a lead to his house by his dog Johnny. Kulfi falls asleep in his house, being aware that she has reached his destination. Sikandar is happy with Amyra’s return. He pampers her with love. He gifts her a precious book and asks her to keep it safe. Amyra spills water over the book. Amyra screams on seeing Kulfi. Sikandar gets to meet Kulfi.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Badi Amma meets her enemy. He tells her that he will punish her for snatching his mum. He tells her that he will snatch all relations from her, everyone whom she loves. He threatens to kill Sahil. Badi Amma gets threatened. She leaves for home while worrying for Sahil. Vedika asks Sahil to go home and be with Badi Amma, who looked much tensed. She asks him to do his duty in the hour of need, else he will have a regretting moment later. Sahil takes her advice and leaves for home. Badi Amma meets with an accident.

Suraj visits Kashmir. He gets kidnapped by the militants. Chakor gets informed about the tourist’s kidnapping in Kashmir. She gets heartbroken knowing Suraj has fallen in grave danger. Imli gets happy seeing the big troubles for Chakor and Suraj. She likes the fact that Suraj is getting tortured. Chakor has to fight with terror and save her love.

Laado 2:

Anushka gets a call from Komal and learns Shagun’s manipulations. She refuses to sign the documents at first. Anushka then finds a way to trick Shagun and Amrish. She uses her law skills to get justice for Juhi. Anushla stays hopeful that one day she will find Juhi and get her to Dadi, who is alive just for Juhi’s sake. Juhi gets locked inside a r room. She hears a woman screaming for help. Juhi gets restless. She tries to get out of the room so that she can help the woman.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and Kiara meet accidentally in the airport when the latter’s balloon get burst by Abhi mistakenly. Kiara scolds him politely and asks him to return her balloons. Abhi tells her that he didn’t burst it intentionally. Kiara asks him to get balloons for her. Abhi gets balloons for her from the shop and asks her to take all, but she says as he had burst two balloons, she will take only two, and believes in fair game. Abhi senses special connection with her when she holds his hand and insists to meet her mum. When Pragya don’t come there till sometime, he tells that he will leave.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja and Naren love story have a new beginning after Bela realizes his mistake and surrender herself to Police. Pooja went for holiday with her Mama Satish’s family. She returns for Surbhi’s baby shower. All the family members make grand arrangements for the baby shower. A new entry Meghna will be making an appearance in the show with a pivotal role, she is loved by Naren, Supriya and Dada ji only, while others hates her and sound upset hearing her name. Naren tells Pooja that he is going to bring Meghna home after baby shower.

Pooja gets insecure hearing her name and thinks what is his connection with Meghna. Pooja asks Neelima to forget everything happened in the past. The family happily celebrate Surbhi’s baby shower ceremony. Pooja wants everyone to welcome a bright future. Pooja, Naren and entire family dance happily together and celebrate. Meanwhile, Rahul comes to know something which shocks him completely. Rahul determines to kill Surbhi and her baby. Neelima gets shocked too when Rahul tells her truth. Later, Rahul comes to the baby shower party and creates drama accusing Surbhi for cheating on him.


Zoya attempts suicide. Aditya gets informed about her from Noor. Aditya rushes to meet Zoya and finds her in a critical state. He encourages Zoya to fight for her life, as she can’t die for the man who cheated her in a pure relation of love. Aditya admits Zoya in the hospital. Doctors treat Zoya. Aditya wishes Zoya recovers. He regrets over his angry behavior. He thinks of the times when he vented out his hatred on Zoya. Zoya soon recovers. Aditya meets her with an apology. He didn’t mean to drive her to the core of ending her life.


Harman decides to punish Kishan Lal for attempting to murder Harak and refuses to file police complaint. He tells Inspector that he will punish the attacker. He gives blood to Harak Singh and saves his life. Sameer introduces Soumya to his mum and tells that he gave her job seeing her need. His mum accepts Soumya and lets her stay in their house.


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