High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Jija ji Chhat Par Hai:
Murari calls up everyone. He gathers them and breaks the news to them. He decides to leave the city. He tells them that he won’t take any decision hastily. Pancham dislikes his decision. Murari tells them that he decided to go New Zealand, as he is much frustrated with his life in Chandni Chowk. Murari is hurt after a fight with Chote. Murari wants a change in life. Pancham gets upset as Murari will take away his shelter and job.

Pancham doesn’t want to lose his dreams. He wants Murari to stay back and support him. Pancham thinks of losing Ilaychi. He doesn’t want Ilaychi to go away with her parents. Chote meets Murari and asks him not to go away. They try to sort their differences. Chote emotionally blackmails Murari. They turn into friends again. Murari changes his mind and stays back in his own world. Pancham sighs relief.

Laado 2:

Shaurya is much annoyed with Anushka. They get a new task to find Juhi. They check the old newspaper to find any clues or news about Juhi. He tells Anushka that she is now a stranger for him, she isn’t Juhi and he can’t be a friend for her now. He asks her to maintain some distance and not expect his friendship. She tells him that she is helping him just like a friend. He says we have no relation now. She tells him that they have to find how Juhi disappeared. They have an argument. They find a way to reach Taai. She says we went to meet her, but couldn’t. He says she would definitely know something. She decides to meet Taai the next day. They have a moment. Shaurya is much moved by her truth. He is helpless to take her help. He stays annoyed with her. She senses his annoyance and tries to end it.


Soumya becomes a magical fairy for Sameer. She comes with up a unique idea to draw the crowd at his shop. Sameer believes in Soumya’s planning. He gets a dhol for her. Soumya plays dhol. Sameer attracts the kids. She talks to the kids and gets appealing to the customers, who buy many toys from Sameer’s shop. Sameer plays with the kids and dances with them. He gets a line of customers because of Soumya. Soumya gave him this idea to sing and dance, so that customers can notice him and his shop. Sameer makes much profits. He gets happy when his business makes a good start.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Iqbal gets a cute gift for Teni. They have a moment. Teni asks Iqbal not to gift her jewelry, as she isn’t getting over the bad incident. He tells her that he always thinks about her, he wants her to forget everything. He says I m helpless because of my heart, that beats for you. She says nothing can happen to me, I m quite strong. He ties the protective thread to her wrist. She asks him to keep it, as its given to him by his mum. He says if Parth can risk life for you, I m your would be husband, I should also protect you. She breaks the thread and share the blessings. They tie the thread to each other’s hands.


Avni is getting away from Mogli. She is very much upset. Neil has managed to win Mogli’s custody. Avni sees Mogli’s toys and cries. Neil decides to keep Mogli away from Avni. He wants Avni to realize his pain, when she kept him away from their son for ten years. He wants Avni to regret for her decisions, which she took without thinking about others getting affected. Avni understands Neil’s pain. She regrets that she was tied by her decision and promises. She tries to appear strong in front of everyone.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan has taken a disguise so that no one identifies him. Diya wants everyone to be relieved that Ratan isn’t in Kesar Mahal now. She tells Ratan that once their enemies get relaxed, they will do some mistake. Diya and Ratan get to know Mithi’s truth. They spy on Mithi. They get a note from Mithi and find a number on it. Diya tells Ratan that its Mithi, who is cheating them. Diya still can’t believe it. She asks Ratan is he sure about his findings. Ratan tells her that Mithi was using a laptop well. He says Mithi lied to Chote Thakursa about the matter.

Piyaa Albela:
Meghna enters the Vyas family. She surprises everyone. Meghna is Naren’s old friend. Meghna is blind. Meghna still identifies Pooja by holding her. Naren and Meghna’s friendship turns Pooja insecure. Naren gives a punching gift to Meghna. Naren tells Pooja that she will trouble her a lot. Harish doesn’t get happy with Meghna’s coming.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Varun finds Devika safe and hugs her. There happens a big twist in their love story. Alekh has kidnapped Devika’s parents. He compels her to shoot Varun. He wants to marry Devika. Maasa reaches the spot. She points the gun at Alekh. She asks Devika not to get scared of Alekh now, there isn’t any need to listen to Alekh’s demands. She says its important for Varun to stay alive. Alekh snatches the gun from Maasa’s hand. He asks Devika to shoot Varun. Varun tells Devika that they have won, they can send Alekh to jail, why is she helpless to kill him by listening to Alekh. Devika pushes him away and points a gun at him. Varun gets a big shock when she shoots at him. Devika drops the gun. Alekh gets happy. Varun then comes back and reveals the fake drama. Varun calls the police and gets Alekh arrested. Varun and Devika get relieved from Alekh’s plotting.


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