Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kirti’s miscarriage to bring a layer of grief

Yeh Rishta Unpleasant news for Kirti next

Naksh learns about Kirti’s miscarriage. He finds his family crying for the big loss. He gets upset with Naira who didn’t fulfill her duty. Naksh meets Kirti. They together share their pain. Dadi cries for Kirti’s pain. She gets angry on Naira for taking Kirti to the academy. Naksh feels his premonition turned true. Naira tries to console the family. Kartik tells Naira that this happened because of her stalker, who was targeting her at the academy. Kartik want to take revenge from him. He tells the family that he will punish the culprit. Naksh stays annoyed with Naira. She tries to console him over the grief. Naksh finds his sorrow unmeasurable. He blames Naira for her carelessness. He reminds his words when he asked her to be extra careful. He reprimands her and sheds tears.

Naitik tries to make things fine. Kartik asks Naira not to visit Singhanias, who would not like her presence. He asks her to give some time to Naksh and Kirti. Manish increases the security. He wants to ensure that Naira stays safe. They get worried thinking of the stalker’s madness. Manish wonders how is someone entering their house with ease. Naira feels guilty. Shubham comes home drunk. Manish calls him selfish to stay in his own world. Suwarna feels Shubham is still bearing with his sorrow. She asks Manish to let Shubham go. Shubham and Manish have a heated argument. Shubham vents out frustration on Manish. Shubham gets angry as no one supports him.

Manish asks Suwarna to put some sense in her son’s mind. Kartik worries for the problems at home. Singhanias take care of Kirti. They feel the pain. They worry for Naksh and Kirti’s depressed state. Kartik supports Naira. She tells him that she wants the stalker punished. Kabeer spies on Naira. He sees the high security. He gets angered by Goenkas’ move. He plans something big. Kabeer tries to get an entry home by using Shubham. Kartik asks Naira to have patience. She insists of meeting Singhanias. She wants to lessen Kirti’s pain. Kartik and Naira are not allowed to go out at night. Naira wants to take the risk. Security personnel asks her not to invite problems. Naira tells him that they can’t cage her. Kabeer sights Naira. He feels Kartik is bounding Naira into the homely cage. He gets angry on Kartik. Naira leaves from home alone to meet Kirti. Kabeer finds a golden opportunity to meet her.


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