Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to disappoint Kabeer yet again

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Zara keeps a special meet to defend Kabeer in front of the investors. Zara wants Kabeer’s work to get fine. She tells them that she wants to assist Kabeer in his work. Kabeer wants to manage everything alone. He doesn’t like her style of working. Zara tells her parents that she wants a Madarsa to be made. She regrets to upset Kabeer before. She asks Kabeer to let her rectify her mistake.

He didn’t wish his project to get disclosed in front of everyone. He wanted to prove to his dad and the world that he can do better work. When Zara surprises him and takes the work without his permission, he gets much hurt. He wants to be independent and prove his capabilities. He asks her why did she not inform him about the meeting before. She tells her noble intentions, while he asks her to realize her mistake of spoiling his work further. Zara and Kabeer misunderstand each other.

Zara and Kabeer’s romance will be seen. Kabeer forgets all his annoyance when he falls in a moment with Zara. Zara gets happy that Kabeer isn’t sticking to his rudeness. It all turns out to be a dream. Kabeer longs for her and wants to break the ice. He doesn’t want Zara to stay away. Zara too wants their arguments to end. Zara also wants their relation to get fine. They both have a dreamy romance.


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