Piyaa Albela: Pooja’s premonitions to turn true

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Naren plays a prank on Meghna. He tells Meghna that Kunal has refused to marry her. Meghna gets worried. Naren pulls her leg. Pooja stops Naren. She tells Meghna that Kunal and his family is now ready to accept her, the marriage will get a date. She says Kunal is happy with the marriage, and now Meghna can happily welcome the future. Meghna and Kunal’s marriage gets fixed again by Pooja and Naren’s efforts. The family celebrates the good news. Meghna gets ready for the pre-marriage functions. Meghna enjoys the haldi ceremony. Everyone wants Meghna to be happy. Kunal gets the haldi for Meghna. He assures her that he will always be with her. Naren and Rahul take Meghna for her haldi rasam.

All the women of Vyas family hold the shagun chunri over Meghna’s head. The chunri catches fire. Naren throws off the chunri and saves Meghna. Supriya tells them that its not a good omen that the shagun chunri gets burnt. Kunal shows wedding card sample to everyone.

Pooja realizes it is the same card which she saw burning. Naren decides to keep the marriage on next day, but Pooja stops him. Kunal’s father Mr.Goenka haven’t accepted Meghna with his wish and plan something evil so that Kunal himself call off the wedding. Pooja fears for Meghna’s life. Meghna gets saved from the fire, but happiness gets ruined in the happy moment. The haldi ritual stop because of the fire incident. Pooja consoles Meghna. Naren tells Meghna that nothing can stop her from entering her new life. He cheers up Meghna and makes her sit for the haldi ritual. He doesn’t know that someone is planning everything to stop Meghna’s marriage. Pooja also tells Meghna that they shouldn’t step back by the unfortunate things occurring and just believe in fate. Pooja is scared by her premonitions. She feels the same things are happening as she imagined. She wants Meghna and Kunal’s marriage to happen peacefully.

Pooja applies Mehendi in Meghna’s hands. She wishes best for Meghna’s life. Rahul, Naren and Meghna share a wonderful bond like siblings. Pooja’s tensions get high. Naren finds Pooja scared and crying. He asks her the tension. Pooja tells him about her fears. She feels Meghna’s marriage won’t happen. Naren asks her not to worry, they will assure the best for Meghna.


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