High Five Spoilers

Yeh Un Dinon Ek Thi Rani and more

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:
Veer was blamed for the kidney theft before. Veer’s innocence gets proved by Sanchi. She has found the real culprit. She exposes the culprit in front of the panel. Sanchi tells Jaya that Veer is innocent. She asks the doctors panel to punish the real culprit. She tells them that it was all a plotting to frame Veer, the real culprit is Dr. Kabir. She scolds Kabir for lying to everyone. Kabir denies the blames. The panel asks her for the evidence against Kabir. Sanchi shows the fingerprints reports and proves Kabir’s crime.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni and Uttara are posing problems for each other. Uttara is troubling her more. She gets the media to the village. She shows her sympathy for Ambua village. She tells the media that the villagers are like her own family, she just wants the village to develop. She doesn’t let Falguni say the truth to media. She talks sugary to please everyone. Uttara apologizes to the villagers for not understanding their problems before. She says you all won’t be helpless now, women won’t need to go to well to get water, I promise to make water reach every home.


Suraj is kidnapped by the militants. He gets beaten up by them. He learns someone has paid the thugs for kidnapping him. Suraj bears the tortures. He asks them why did they kidnap him, who are they and why are they after his life. Suraj asks them to let him go, he has a wife and daughter waiting. The bad guys have no humanity. They don’t care for anyone. The goon threatens him about Chakor and Saanvi. He says Chakor isn’t finding you, Saanvi is fine, we have informed Chakor that you are captive and alive, Chakor can stay alive if she stays away. Suraj asks what’s their demands. He scolds the goon.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay, Mandira and Bulbul take a retro look in the party. Everyone takes retro avatars and sing old songs. Mandira doesn’t miss this chance. She dances to please Vijay. She confesses love to Vijay by singing a romantic song.


Harman reaches the temple to pray for Soumya’s safety. He makes a mannat and wishes he finds Soumya too. He holds a burning diya in his palm. Jasleen gets worried seeing him. Harman can’t believe that Soumya is dead. He wants to test his beliefs. He asks the family not to believe anything wrong about Soumya. Harman swears that he will light diya every day till he finds Soumya. Saaya gets informed about him. She reaches the temple to stop Harman from hurting himself. She fails to convince him. Harman doesn’t drop the diya.


Happiness returns in Oberoi mansion with Anika’s return. Its Pinky’s birthday. Pinky demands Shivay to get Anika home. She wants her bahu with her. She doesn’t want Shivay’s happiness to get less. Everyone hides the birthday surprise from Pinky. Rudra and Bhavya have a moment while doing the decorations. Pinky asks them about the preparations. They lie about the sweet message banners, that has become a common trend. Bhavya tells Pinky that they are planning a welcome party for Anika. Pinky thinks Shivay doesn’t remember her birthday. She is a possessive mum. She doesn’t want him to forget her ever. She gets angry on Shivay for not wishing her on her birthday. She wishes Anika comes home.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni has lost her memory. She isn’t able to identify her love. Parth talks to Indu over call. He tells her that its not right to remind anything to Teni, it won’t be good for Teni to put pressure on her mind. He says its better for Teni if she has moved on in life, I don’t want to take any step for which I regret all my life, I will try my best to remind Teni our relation. He stays restless. He recollects his life moments with Teni. He gets sad. He feels the pain of losing his love.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman will be learning Ananya’s death secret, which Ishita has hidden from the family till now. Raman confronts Ishita for hiding the truth from him. She doesn’t want to answer him. Its a tough thing for him. She can’t tell him about Pihu’s mistake. She questions him about his doubts. She tells him that Parmeet isn’t blackmailing her by using any secret. Raman tells her that he has heard everything, she had no option than to agree to him, what’s the matter. She asks him why did he bash up Parmeet so badly. He says you have pushed me away to save Parmeet, there was no such need. She tells him that his anger is the problem, Parmeet would have died by his hands. She asks him to trust her.


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