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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira realizes Kabeer is her stalker, who is ruining her life since a long time. She finds the nail marks and realizes he is the one whom she has injured in an attempt to catch. Naira secretly tells Kartik about Kabeer, who is their culprit. She asks him not to react. Kartik calms down and holds his anger. He praises Kabeer’s dancing. He asks the participants to take a break. Naira and Kartik tell the family about Kabeer, who is the one torturing them. Kabeer gets a doubt on them, seeing them staring. Kartik asks them not to react, else they will lose Kabeer. Kabeer flees from Goenka house. He proves his crime by running away. Kartik and guards follow him to catch him. Manish tries to get Kabeer caught up by the police. Naira gets terrified thinking of Kabeer, who stayed around her. The women ask Naira not to take any tension about Kabeer.


    Shivay learns Anika’s innocence. He tells Pinky that he believes Anika a lot. He tells them that he always knew the truth that Roop has done this by Anika’s name. He tells Roop that he doesn’t hate Anika, he knows Anika can’t do wrong with the family. He asks Roop to understand what revenge got for her, she has lost her son as well. Roop threatens to ruin Shivay and Anika. Pinky slaps Roop and tells her that she can’t do anything. Roop admits all her crimes. She tells Shivay that she has instigated Anika to give the fake evidence against Oberois to the police. She reveals that Anika refused to go against Shivay and that’s why she had to intervene to ruin them. Shivay tells Roop that he will get her arrested. Roop tells him that he can’t do anything as he has no evidence against her.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Raman confronts Suraj for cheating them by running a fraud company on his name. Suraj doesn’t feel answerable to them. He asks Raman and Ishita to ask Kiran. Ishita asks Kiran for having a business with Suraj. Kiran apologizes to them. She didn’t know about Suraj’s fraud business. She tells them that she got trapped because of Suraj’s threatening. Bala happens to come there. He scolds Kiran for hiding Suraj’s identity and not revealing the truth. Kiran tells him that she was helpless as she had to save the family. Bala threatens to call police and get Suraj arrested. Suraj tells them that he isn’t a weak player like Ashok, who became Ishita’s puppet. He tells Raman that Kiran will be caught if they file any police complaint. He asks them to think about Kiran, who is already on bail.


    Neil offers to drop Avni home. She tells him that she will manage to go on her own. They both have a moment. They recall their past moments. Neil accompanies Avni. They both spend time. Mitali apologizes to her friends that Neil couldn’t turn up. She feels humiliated by his absence. She cuts the cake alone. She waits for Neil. She wants to confront him over choosing Avni over her once again. Neil and Avni help an old couple, who welcome them home. Neil and Avni bond again, when their past moments gets acknowledged by each other. The couple finds them very much in love. Mitali awaits Neil and sheds tears. She thinks of the hopes Neil gave her. She feels her one sided love was better than having many expectations from Neil. The old couple blesses Neil and Avni’s bonding and love.


    Leela makes a plan to follow Susheel and find out her existence. Kali gets a surprising note from Susheel. She gets happy knowing Susheel is alive. Sejal tells Kali that she had written the note so that she could lighten her sorrowful heart. Kali feels proud of Susheel. Sarthi asks Susheel to attack Leela mentally and weaken her. Susheel asks her about Leela’s reaction. Sarthi gets confused about Leela’s lies. She tells Susheel that Satya is with them, he is helping them, he regrets for the past. Susheel learns that Satya has changed. Sarthi tells her that they need Satya, who can expose Leela’s crimes. She says Satya is informing me about Leela. Susheel feels Satya can’t be trusted so easily.


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