High Five Spoilers

Yeh Un Dinon Ek Thi Rani and more

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni has learnt the truth of her past. She gets to see Parth and her marriage album. Indu gets a chance to pacify Teni and remind her old life. Indu tells Teni that Parth is not willing to remind her anything, as he cares for her a lot. She asks Teni to think about Parth’s emotions. Teni is not able to accept it. She is in a dilemma. She recollects that she is getting married to Iqbal. She has to make a choice between Parth and Iqbal. On the other hand, Kaki instigates Ipshita against Parth, who didn’t support her when Teni argued with her. Ipshita gets upset with Parth. Teni is much frustrated as she is not able to solve the puzzle of her past. Bhanushalis try to remind all the incidents of her past, so that she decides to accept Parth.


Harman is prepared to reach Soumya. Harman and Jasleen meet Sameer. Soumya also gets the news that Harman is coming to meet her. She recollects her moments with Harman. Sameer is upset with Soumya. He tells her that Harman has come to the shop to find her. Soumya gets restless. She wants to meet Harman once. She gets crying and thinking of the distance that came between Harman and her. Sameer asks her what is she hiding. He tells her that Harman has come with his second wife Jasleen. He gets angry on Harman for hurting Soumya’s heart this way. Soumya just sees Harman’s love. Sameer explains Soumya that Harman shouldn’t get any chance, he didn’t come here with any good intention.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni is playing games with Uttara. This time, Uttara plays smart and kidnaps Suman, who is close to Lazer. Falguni learns about Suman’s kidnapping. She assures Punja that she will secure Suman. Niyati makes a healthy juice for Uttara. Vidhaan tells Uttara that the juice is very healthy, Niyati has seen the recipe on net. Uttara dislikes the juice. She finds the juice very bad. She tells Niyati that she can’t drink the juice which tastes like poison. Jayant drinks the juice to keep Niyati’s heart.


Anika goes to the prestigious school for Sahil’s admission. She meets a lady on the way, who insults the driver. Anika takes a stand for her driver. Anika reprimands the lady for driving carelessly and hitting her car. She asks the lady not to blame her driver. The lady doesn’t feel its her mistake. Anika can’t accept anyone doing wrong with poor. She teaches a lesson to the lady. The lady calls her illiterate. Anika doesn’t care for her insult. She reaches the school. She meets the principal. She gets prepared for her interview. Principal asks Anika how dare she enters the office without an appointment. The assistant tells about Anika, who is Shivay Singh Oberoi’s wife. Anika realizes its the same lady she met on the way.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Entire family is planning to help Vijay. They make a plan to trap Pankaj and make him confess the crimes. Vijay and Agastya leave for work. Dadi finds everyone hurrying for work. She gets doubtful. She asks Bulbul why is everyone leaving from home. They make excuses. Dadi doesn’t know Vijay’s plotting. Pankaj is the culprit behind Prabhat’s murder.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Roshni tells Adi that she wants to marry Shantanu, as she doesn’t have a secured future. She says there is no guarantee that you will marry me, or not abandon me as you have left Aaliya. Adi tries to explain her that he will leave Aaliya and tell his family about their relation. Roshni tells him that she can’t face his family, especially Ishita. He tells her that he loves her, and she also loves him a lot. He asks her not to fool herself, as he can see love in her eyes.


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