Bepannaah: Aditya’s take to bold-mold Zoya

Bepannaah: Aditya to battle for his love

Aditya wants to trouble Zoya any way. Aditya leaves from office when some important clients come for a meeting. Zoya gets helpless to attend the clients alone, even when she is unprepared. She gets in big tension. She hurriedly prepares for the presentation. She is much stuck in the official work. Zoya wants to get the deal to save the sinking company. Aditya learns about the important clients waiting for him. He wishes the best of luck to the staff and tells that he won’t attend anyone. Zoya control her fears. She gains courage to give the presentation. She projects her company as a successful one.

The clients refuse to see her presentation. They just want Aditya to meet them for the deal. The clients ask Zoya to understand his work ethics and call Aditya if she wants the deal. Zoya gets a chance to convince the clients. Zoya attempts to succeed. She tells Mahi that she doesn’t know anything about cricket, and now she has to manage the cricket event.

She falls in big trouble. Mahi tells Zoya that she will support her. Zoya is depressed knowing about Yash signing the divorce papers. She doesn’t care for Mahi and Aditya’s schemes. She just pays attention to clear the loans and free the company from big problems. Zoya expects Aditya to come forward and help her. Aditya wants Zoya to react and behave normal, by handling the problems herself. He wants Zoya to come out of the depressed phase. He expresses his good intentions in a different light. Mahi is just following Aditya. She is helping Zoya save the company, just for Aditya’s sake.


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