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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: The entire Goenka family plays cricket. They spend some good family moments. The family surprises Kartik and wish him on his birthday. Kartik loves the surprise and considers it as his life’s best birthday. Naira tells him that she has planned many surprises for him. He asks her to reveal some. He tries asking everyone about it. Naira doesn’t tell him.

    Naira is hopeful that the day will be super wonderful as Shubham will be close to family soon. She wants to gift Shubham to Kartik. She hopes Shubham will tell the truth to family. Shubham doesn’t want to hurt the family members. He regrets for his doings after Naira explains him how drugs finishes a person’s life from roots.


    Shivay and Anika reach the school for Sahil’s admission. Shivay introduces his teacher to Anika. He tells him that he has come for his little brother-in-law’s admission in the school. He gets an important call and sends Anika for the interview alone. Anika meets the principal, who happens to be that ill-mannered lady Anika met on the road. Anika tells the principal that she is Shivay’s wife, she is educated from Hindi medium. She tells the principal that she is not illiterate. Principal asks her about Sahil. Anika tells her about Sahil, who is very smart and studious. Principal gets insulting her, on getting a proper chance to settle scores. She asks Anika to speak in just English and match up her standards with the standards of the school. Anika tries to communicate in English. She fails to say one sentence property.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ruhi learns that Adi is the one involved in the big scam against Raman’s name. She asks Adi how can he cheat the family by forging Raman’s signatures. Ruhi confronts him for having a partnership with Suraj. Adi asks her not to interfere in his work. She asks him to tell the truth to family. He tells her that he owns this business and he doesn’t regret doing it. He asks her to leave and not poke her nose in his work. She asks him to stay away from Suraj, who will ruin him. She lectures him about Ishita and Raman’s values. He asks her to keep the lecture to herself. She threatens of revealing his truth to everyone. He asks her to happily go ahead and challenge his smartness. He tells her that its her own risk if she proceeds, as he is smart enough to save himself from the mess.


    Mogli gets kidnapped. Avni gets panicking when she gets to learn about Mogli’s kidnapping. Neil doesn’t find Mogli at the school. He rushes to Avni’s house to know about him. He worries knowing Mogli has gone missing. He thinks if Avni has picked Mogli from school. Avni tells Neil that Mogli is kidnapped. She tells them that Kamini is behing Mogli’s kidnapping. He feels guilty that he didn’t reach Mogli’s school on time. Avni scolds Neil for putting Mogli in risk by his negligence. They get into an argument over their rights on Mogli. Avni asks Neil to find Mogli. She worries that Mogli can be in bad state. Avni asks Neil to confront Kamini to find Mogli’s whereabouts. She feels they shouldn’t fight at this time. She tells Neil that they should unitedly sort this problem. She gets another message from the kidnappers.


    Sarthi tries to find Susheel. She doesn’t like meeting Satya. Satya asks Sejal if she is fine. He questions her about her rude behavior with Kali. Leela blackmails Sejal. She asks Sejal to get angry on Satya and hurt him. Sejal gets helpless. She tells Satya that Kali slapped her and now she won’t tolerate anyone. Satya asks Sejal why is she turning bitter. Sejal asks Satya to leave. He doesn’t understand what’s happening at home. Satya sees the home shattering. Leela runs Kali and Sejal as puppets.

    She presents them as they are hungry for power. Satya meets Sarthi and asks about Susheel. She tells him that Susheel is banned from wrestling championships. He asks her why is Susheel not coming to them, when she knows her career will end this way. He loses his patience. He tells her that he will not waste time in finding Susheel and correcting her mistakes, as he owes a responsibility towards his breaking family. Leela compels Sejal to make a poisonous drink for Kali.

    Sejal knows the huge risks. She fears that Kali will drink the poison and lose her life. Leela tells Sejal that Susheel will die if Sejal doesn’t poison Kali’s drink. Sejal turns weak. She decides to save Susheel. She poisons the drink in order to obey Leela. Leela gets happy. She asks Sejal to serve the drink to Kali. Sejal leaves the drink for Kali. Kali gets busy to attend a work call. She leaves the drink. Sejal gets glad that Kali didn’t drink the poison. Satya goes to consume the drink by mistake. Leela watches Satya on the camera, and gets a huge shock. Satya gets saved by Jhanno.

    Sejal asks Leela not to harm Susheel. Jhanno doubts that Sejal and Kali are troubled by Leela. Sejal lies to Jhanno. Jhanno understands the game Leela is playing. She confronts Sejal for poisoning the drink. Sejal ill treats Jhanno to keep her out of the mess. Leela tells Sejal that Satya shouldn’t face any trouble. Sejal and Kali get numb just to save Susheel. Leela makes Kali spy on Satya and his work. Satya asks Kali not to hide her lies. He understands Kali is lying and hiding some big matter. Satya gets close to know the truth behind Leela’s survival.


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