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Imli’s picture is found in Saanvi’s cradle. Suraj consoles Chakor on seeing her fear getting high. Imli has intentionally left the picture in cradle so that she can give chills to Chakor. Imli also gets scared when she hears Vivaan. She runs to see him. She sees Vivaan and gets terrified. She thinks he is Vivaan’s ghost. She goes to check Vivaan’s grave. She wants to confirm if Vivaan is really alive. She opens up the coffin in the grave. She finds the coffin empty. She realizes Vivaan is really alive.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan gets electrocuted when playing his guitar. Ahaan gets rushed for medical aid. Pankti worries for him. She assures Ahaan that their concert will go well. Ahaan prepares for his performance. He loses his guitar. Pankti realizes he left his guitar on the streets, where he last performed. A mystery person plans the attack on Ahaan. Pankti gets chased by a shadow.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Kulfi bonds with Lovely. She gets much love from Lovely, who is just tolerating her for Amyra’s sake. Kulfi finds a good friend in Lovely. She also bonds with Sikandar. Lovely and Sikandar try their best to take care of Kulfi, being unaware of her real identity. Kulfi has got a new mother. She is glad that Lovely understands her pain. Lovely consoles Kulfi, on finding her crying in sleep. Lovely assures Kulfi that she will get her lost purse, which contains her mum’s memories. Lovely records Kulfi’s song. She lies to Kulfi and then makes Amyra get the credit. Lovely is selfish and just wants to make Amyra’s career. Lovely is making sure that everything goes on well. Amyra gets upset seeing Lovely hugging Kulfi. Kulfi prays and gets surprised when the pen drive drops in her hand.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth, Teni and Iqbal’s lives have got complicated. Iqbal comes to Bhanushali house to meet Teni. Parth tells him the truth of Teni and his relation, that they were married before. Iqbal can’t believe him. He gets angry on Parth. Teni stops Iqbal and asks him to listen to her once. Iqbal gets disappointed with her. Teni asks Parth why did he tell her past to Iqbal, does he want to break her relation with him. She gets upset with Parth and sheds tears when Iqbal ends ties with her.


Shivay gets to know the old lady’s sobbing story. He announces in the media that the lady is their family member. The lady’s son reaches to meet her after seeing the news. He figures out her reality. The lady misses her family and finds love in others. Shivay scolds her son. He teaches her son how to value a mother. He blasts off his anger. He tells Oberois that the lady just took a family picture, instead any valuable thing. Shivay tells them that the lady isn’t a thief, she is just a noble lady, who is homeless. He says she values our family picture more than anything else, that’s why she just picked the picture.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Agastya learns dance from Mandira. He practices to behave like a girl, so that he can meet Pankaj and trap him. Agastya takes the girl’s getup and wears high heels. He gets prepared to meet Pankaj to make him confess the truth of murdering Prabhat. Vijay and Bulbul stay around Agastya to protect him.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara and Kabeer celebrate the festive month by having a grand Iftaar party. Kabeer is present at home after five years. He receives a mango crate as a gift from relative. The family is happy to have Kabeer with them during the festive month. Zara proves out to be lucky for everyone.


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