Ishqbaaz: Priyanka to recover; Shivay to lay a trap for Daksh

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to get caged by past incidents

Daksh makes Shivay approach Tia for the rituals. He wants to assure Tia that she is still valid in Shivay’s life. Shivay goes to make Tia wear the anklets, but his brothers oppose him. Shivay wants Daksh’s words to turn true and Priyanka to recover. They ask Shivay to make Anika wear the anklets as Anika is his wife. They think of changing Shivay’s mind by keeping a fun game. They challenge Shivay to identify his wife among the ladies if he is so sure that Tia is his soul mate. Shivay takes the challenge. He tells them that he can find his wife even if she is hidden among the millions. Omkara blindfolds Shivay and asks him to find Tia to prove himself. Anika feels insulted that Shivay doesn’t regard her wife. Omkara doesn’t let her leave.

Tia is sure that Shivay will find her. She stays high on confidence. When Anika’s saree catches fire, Rudra shouts out to save her, while Shivay reacts as if he is madly in love with Anika. Shivay saves Anika from the fire and asks her if she is fine.

Omkara and Rudra realize that Shivay loves Anika, even though he doesn’t admit it. They applaud Shivay for choosing Anika over anyone else. Daksh asks Shivay to make Tia wear the anklets. Shivay goes to continue the game and identify Tia.

Omkara makes sure that Anika replaces Tia. Shivay makes Anika wear the anklets and gets surprised on removing the blindfold. Tia gets angry on Daksh for failing the plans. She asks Daksh not to blame her and handle Payal, who called her in last minute and made her lose the game. Anika rejoices that she has worn the anklet by Shivay’s hands. Shivay tells Anika that he doesn’t accept her as wife. She asks him to remove the anklets if he wants, but he has to lower himself and his pride to do so. Shivay gets his cufflink in Anika’s burnt belongings. He realizes that he has lost the cufflink at Payal’s home. He recalls Anika’s claim about Daksh and thinks if she was syaing the truth that day. He gets suspicious about Daksh. He thinks of talking out to Anika and know the entire matter.

Anika shocks Shivay by a surprise. She tells him that Priyanka has regained consciousness, all thanks to the puja conducted by Dadi. The Oberois get too happy with Priyanka’s revival. They call up the doctor for her. They celebrate Priyanka’s return. Priyanka ends their wait. Shivay tells her how he was yearning to talk to her. Anika gets happy that the family finally achieved what they yearned for.

Shivay sees Anika leaving. She asks Anika how did Priyanka wake up. Anika tells him that she was talking to Priyanka. Shivay thanks her for influencing Priyanka and making her break the state of coma. He tells her that Priyanka regards her dear, and she should stay with Priyanka. Daksh looks for Tia. Tia leaves for some days to get away from the matter. Daksh gets happy that Priyanka got fine. He wants to get married to Priyanka. He is sure that Shivay won’t doubt on him. Shivay decides to get Priyanka and Daksh married the next day, as per his plan to find Daksh’s truth. He tells them that he has organized a press conference in the morning as well. Shivay is sure that he will expose Daksh’s true face to the world. Anika doesn’t oppose Shivay’s decision. She feels Shivay is making a big mistake by getting Daksh and Priyanka married. Shivay plays a trick to make Daksh admit his truth.


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