A shocking moment of humiliation for Naira next in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira to experience memory blank outs

Dadi gets annoyed with Rukmani’s lie and calls off the marriage. It becomes a shocking moment for Kartik, as he didn’t know the consequences of hiding Mansi’s pregnancy news. Naira reminds Kartik about her warning. She tells him that she has already warned him that this lie can make matters worse between the families. Naira asks Dadi not to punish Mansi and Anmol. Kartik admits that he knew this and has hidden this matter so that the family doesn’t get hurt. He tells them that it was his and Naira’s united efforts. The families get happy hearing good from Kartik. Suwarna doesn’t want him to have Naira in his life.

Rukmani tells Dadi that Mansi’s engagement has happened, if the alliance breaks now, Mansi’s life will be ruined. Singhanias support Mansi, which pleases Dadi. Dadi is sure that Mansi will be happy with them. Kartik asks Naira if she is fine. She tells him that she is fine, and he doesn’t need to worry. He feels sorry that he didn’t clear Dadi’s confusion before. Dadi gets remorseful that all her hopes shattered. She tells Manish that this pregnancy confusion brought hopes for her, she thought destiny united them and this long fight will end, but everything got ruined.

Manish consoles Dadi. He tells her that they can’t do anything, its KaiRa’s destiny, which will play its part. Kartik and Naira miss each other. They recollect the bitter moments of the past and shed tears. Suwarna finds Kartik crying and thinks of getting his happiness by his remarriage. Naira tells Naitik that Kartik has also hidden a big thing, but no one scolded him as the result of his lie was not severely bad. Naitik asks her not to lose her courage. Manish asks Kartik to rethink about his decision. Kartik tells Manish that it was Naira’s decision to ask for divorce, he is fed up of the situation and wants to free her. He accepts the fate.

Suwarna doesn’t want Kartik to suffer. She is sure that Ashi will keep him happy. Dadi asks Suwarna not to let her sorrow ruin others’ lives. She asks Suwarna not to involve anyone in KaiRa’s lives. She wants Kartik to decide for his life. Kartik and Naira dream of each other and live a bit of happiness.

Devyaani gets angry regarding Suwarna. She tells the family that Suwarna is waiting for Kartik’s divorce, so that she can get Kartik and Ashi married. She suggests that they should meet Goenkas. Naira asks Devyaani not to spoil Mansi and Anmol’s happiness, they have to do their duty and take mehendi for Mansi. Singhanias meet Goenkas for Mehendi. Devyaani passes taunts on Suwarna, and defends Naira. Naira goes to apply Mehendi to Mansi. Rukmani brings her orthodox customs in between and insults Naira.

She asks Naira not to do the Mehendi rituals, as she isn’t living with her husband, her relation is suffering, which isn’t a good omen. She asks Naira if she is married or divorced, or is her relationship status stuck in the middle of the two. She gets taunting Naira over her separation with Kartik. Kartik feels bad seeing Naira’s humiliation. He didn’t imagine Rukmani will insult Naira this way and make her away from the rituals. He wishes Naira speaks up and opposes Rukmani. Naira gives up her rights and makes Kirti do the Rituals. Naira and Kirti sing and dance for Mansi. Suwarna brings Kartik and Ashi closer. Kartik gets happy for Mansi’s new life. Devyaani stays upset on seeing Suwarna.

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